The world’s most charming Canadian, singer Shawn Mendes, has turned a new maple leaf with his new campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. The collaboration, dubbed ‘Play It Forward’, will celebrate both Hilfiger’s heritage of Americana style and Mendes’ musicianship with a series of custom made pieces for the coming Wonder: The World Tour, plus a co-designed capsule collection set to launch in Spring 2023 that will feature quality reimagined styles with circular design while scaling material recycling innovations.

The latter detail is particularly important. One cause that is close to both Mendes and Tommy Hilfiger is their dedication to a more sustainable way of living. To offset the environmental impact of his tour, Mendes has committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 50 per cent per show while Tommy Hilfiger has promised a $1.4 million (US$1 million) donation in carbon offset programs, including regenerative cotton farming.

Shawn Mendes for Tommy Hilfiger.

It will also see Mendes pay homage to one of the music industry’s most iconic figures, Bruce Springsteen, with a cover of his track ‘Dancing In The Dark’. Right down to the tri-coloured Americana bandana in Mendes’ back pocket. It’s giving The Boss.

When asked the why they chose Mendes to partner with, Tommy Hilfiger simply pointed to the singer’s credentials as both an artist and a spokesperson for the cause: “Shawn’s a talented artist, singer-songwriter and producer,” says Hilfiger. “He’s a leader who’s passionate about sustainability and climate change. He’s launched his own charitable foundation that focuses on youth issues in mental health, human rights and, of course, the planet. He’s also an inspiration for what the next generation can achieve. On top of all that, he has a great sense of style.”

As the campaign rolls out, Mendes shared his experience working with Tommy Hilfiger and what it meant to embody one of music’s most revered names.

How did you feel when Tommy Hilfiger invited you for this collaboration?

SHAWN MENDES: I have incredible respect for Tommy’s vision and have been lucky enough to attend the Met Gala with the brand twice, so I was extremely humbled and excited when asked to become the new Tommy Hilfiger ambassador, especially since we both value sustainability so greatly.

Mendes will work with Hilfiger to offset the carbon footprint of his tour.

Has climate change impacted you personally in any way?

SM: It’s impacted the way I will be touring. I took a hard look at the many different things that make up our
carbon footprint and was deeply upset when realising that I, as an artist, was contributing to the climate
crisis by doing one of my favourite things – touring! We are in a pivotal moment for climate, and it’s crucial to me that our tour is a step in the right direction.

You’ll be wearing recycled and upcycled Hilfiger styles during your Wonder tour, plus you’ve co-designed a capsule collection. What do you like about the brand’s style?

SM: I like that his styles are classic and effortless, but have an added layer of playful or unexpected details. Tommy has worked with some legendary artists — from Destiny’s Child to The Rolling Stones — so it’s an honour to be the face of his next campaign.