Credit: Instagram @carson_g998

After 20 years of collecting, Supreme fanatic and skateboard deck collector Ryan Fuller made headlines around the world as he planned to auction off his cult collection. Featuring hyped collaborations from the likes of Jeff Koons, KAWS, Takashi Murakami as well as Louis Vuitton, the race was well and truly on for the highest bidder. Sold for $800,000, we now know who put down the cash. And its not who you’d think.

Introducing 17-year-old Carson Guo from Vancouver. Younger than who you’d typically expect to be dropping that much cash, the teenager in fact comes from an art collecting family, with his father buying from galleries and auction houses. While his move seems a unusual, the collector is a regular in the sphere, already buying pieces from KAWS and Takashi Murakami. And as for his latest acquisition, he has reportedly planned to open a “part gallery, part boutique” to display the collection.

“Street culture has slowly become a part of the modern world. I think it’s important for more people to appreciate and understand the culture behind street fashion,” he told Highsnobiety.

“I love the art that many of the decks have in this collection, including works by world famous artists such as KAWS, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and more. The time and effort the seller Mr. Ryan Fuller put in to complete the set is priceless.”

Someone who can only be expected to become an internet sensation amongst the ‘street’ community, we’re looking forward to what happens next.