Summer has just begun, but we have here one of the images that will mark the summer of 2017. Few images are as bizarre as the one posted on his Instagram by Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fàbregas (born in Barcelona in ​​1987). There are so many places to put one’s eyes that one can reach the point of anxiety. What I look at: Cesc’s cap pushing back his wife’s forehead, her lace gown, the legs that appear reflected in the glass of the terrace (presumably of the person who dared to immortalise the moment), that silver bikini, that way of kissing that is so unnatural… It’s hard to know where to start. “Cesc, you must have a lot of courage to publish something like that,” said one amazed fan.

The footballer’s followers have stopped especially at the player’s red bathing suit. And yes, indeed, it deserves a more extensive comment. We are looking at a risky garment, one that does not allow him to have half-impure thoughts. It is a size or two smaller than it should be, so there is nothing that moves freely. This detail has not gone unnoticed in the social network. “Look at little Fàbregas,” “Cesc, what’s going on in your red shorts ?”, “Baby number four on the move” (the couple already has three children) and “that swimsuit gives you away”… are some of the 1700 comments that Instagram users have left.

Even the captain of his team, sarcastic veteran John Terry, has commented on the photograph: “Great picture, although I do not know what to think about the shortsThere are also some who applaud Cesc’s audacity: “You deserve an ovation,” says one fan.

Although he has had an irregular season, with weeks of substitutions, Fàbregas enjoys a deserved vacation in Ibiza after proclaiming himself Premier League champion with Chelsea. He is on the island of happiness with his partner, the model Daniella Semaan (42 years old and from Lebanon) and their three children. She has two more children from a previous relationship.