Remember when CJ Hendry dipped her $10,000 pair of Nike Air MAGS in black paint? Yes, we shed a tear too. Well she is back, with her fifth and highly-anticipated exhibition, ‘MONOCHROME’, opening as we speak.

The exhibition however, is far from black and white. The artist is delving into the world of colour and wants to take the viewer with her. “Colour is exciting, sad, frustrating and confusing. Colour is all around us, it’s everywhere,” Hendry explained. “Colour is not a physical thing, it’s a thing that describes something else. By drawing crumpled coloured cards I have given colour a physicality and form.”

The exhibit is shown in an industrial space, perfectly juxtaposing a raw space with a world of clean and controlled colour. Hendry has split the space into seven rooms – all with a distinct single colour and consisting of only one monochromatic hue.

The journey begins with viewer travelling through a blue living room that leads into a red dining room, which splits off into a green kitchen. You are then lead into a yellow men’s bedroom, a purple bathroom and a pink bedroom themed for women. Each room contains quirky and key pieces including stuffed animals, a chair built with daisies and a dildo.

This marks the second time Hendry has flirted with colour – collaborating with Christian Louboutin last year at Art Basel Hong Kong.

“I am new to colour, not too sure if I understand it yet. Before, when I drew in black ink all the focus was on the object because all the emotion of colour was removed. Now I stare at my drawings and feel…just different. I can’t explain it”.

“MONOCHROME” will open its be open to the public on Thursday, April 5 through Sunday, April 8 at Greenpoint in Brooklyn. If you don’t find yourself in the neighbourhood, a video of the exhibit is also available here.