When Knives Out was first released in 2019, the buzz around its success wasn’t necessarily that it was a great mystery-comedy from a renowned director and an all-star cast (that included Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, plus more). In fact, it was one specific scene that still gets spoken about/googled/fawned upon today: Chris Evans brooding whilst wearing a creamy fisherman’s-style cable-knit sweater.

And Daniel Craig doesn’t understand the hype at all.

In a recent press interview for BBC Radio 1 promoting the second Knives Out instalment, Glass Onion, Craig told the reporter that he still doesn’t understand the appeal with the sweater and its viral fame.

“It’s the bit that goes over my head,” Craig said. “I don’t understand. It’s like, so Chris Evans is wearing a jumper. It’s like he’s naked or at least naked from the sort of waist down, wearing a jumper. I’m like, ‘He’s just wearing a jumper.’ News is like, ‘Chris Evans wears jumper!’ [But] sure, it’s a living. He does it very well. He wears it very beautifully.”

Surprisingly – or maybe not so – Evans’s dreamy, creamy pullover knit launched countless memes, had Chris Evans stans in a frenzy and ignited what would arguably be one of the most Googled sentences of 2019-2020: “Where can I buy Chris Evans’s Knives Out sweater?”

The fanfare went so far that, according to a report in 2019, the Irish retailer Blarney Woollen Mills, which has crafted traditional Celtic knitwear since 1823, saw a one hundred-and-fifty-per-cent increase in sales of its Blasket Honeycomb Stitch Aran Sweater, the one that Evans wore in the film.

Talk about hype!

While the second instalment of the mystery/comedy, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, doesn’t star the world’s sexiest man alive (weep), the new murder mystery from the renowned director Rian Johnson, which was released in December 2022, does feature yet another all-star ensemble, led by Daniel Craig. Glass Onion also includes Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson and Dave Bautista.