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For the majority of people, the one item that remains constant in any kit is the humble pair of jeans. Be it the ’80s acid wash, ’90s grey tone or the classic blue pair, denim has long been favoured by all. As 2020 continues to look to street style as a main form of inspiration, style cues are becoming more and more casual with denim widely accepted in the work place and at fashion week alike. The true art of denim, however, lies in cut and fit.

The past decade has seen the once loved skinny jeans regress into high waisted mum jeans and baggy dad styles, while the ’70s bootcut has made a surprise comeback. And when pairing denim with the rest of your look, it has quickly become a confusing crossover of style eras and social codes. So where do you start? We asked Emma Bosley, Menswear Designer of Neuw Denim to breakdown the trends to look out for in 2020.

ICON: What are the trending styles of the year?

Emma Bosley: The trending styles we see for Neuw Denim would be as follows:

The Reid Baggy – A new fit for us based on a vintage fit in rigid denim, it’s got a slightly shaped top block, straight leg and falls heavy over the shoe. The Reid Jean looks incredible with sneakers, boots or a Cuban heel cowboy boot for something more fashion forward.

The Berlin Bootcut (available August) – For us this fit is true to it’s name, ’The Bootcut’. This fit has started trickling down through high fashion and is something that definitely fits in to Neuw Denim’s rock and roll aesthetic. We’ve styled the bootcut with our Heroes Leather Jacket and a boot or converse sneaker

Over Shirts – We have a number of over shirts coming for this season. I think men are looking more for trans-seasonal over shirts as options for outfits. As the weather is becoming more unpredictable, we are seeing many variations of these in the market.

Art Shirts – Coming later on in the year we have started collaborating with international/local artists for some of our seasonal printed shirts. You will see a number of abstract prints coming through in a range of colours which sets a new tone and provides our customer with a new reason to update the printed shirt collection.

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ICON: Do you see colour making a comeback. Is 2020 going to favour corduroy?

EB: “Corduroy has been back for a while mostly in pants, trucker style jackets, shirts and over shirts. Neuw has chosen to use corduroy sparingly throughout the upcoming seasons. Colour remains key for us in our record store collaboration tees and hoodies. We love introducing some brighter tones each season in our printed tees and hoodies with a heavy wash as it looks perfect styled with heavily washed indigo and light indigo denim. You will also see colour trickle down into our printed shirt offering every season.”

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ICON: How do we ensure we get the best fit?

EB: “The best way to ensure to get the best fit for you would be to go into one of our service stores where they stock all of our AW20 fits in most washes. Our team in-store is well trained on helping each customer find the right fit for them. Try on a number of our fits and you will soon work out what is best for you. We also offer a free alternations service where you can have your jeans taken up, tapered, repaired or given more destruction.”

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