Sneakers are arguably to men what handbags are to women – a collectable, wearable piece of art that defines a moment and a genre. The latest item you’ll need to add to your collection is the new Dior B30.

Dior, sneakers, Kim Jones
Hello lover – the new Dior B30 sneakers. Image: Dior

Redefining the bulky trend in Dior’s Spring ’22, the B30 adds a more prominent sport-like finish making the sneaker both athletic in appearance but still elegant to wear with either tailored pants or track shorts, it’s a versatile shoe as only Dior knows how to do.

Jones has been clever with the construction. Sneakers are beloved because of their comfort and the current trend towards heavy, cumbersome styles makes the B30 a lovely return to tradition.

Inspired by the silhouette of traditional running shoes, the B30 incorporates technical fabrics such as microfibre and mesh to make for a lighter, more flexible shoe that feels like a proper sneaker. 

The B30 still retains artistic nuance. The Christian Dior initials are emblazoned down the body of the shoe in graphic typography inspired by French Modernism and repeated on the sole and heel. Reflective materials have been used to add an extra nudge towards athletic integration into the design.

Dior, sneakers, kim jones
Lime all the way. Image: Dior

Kim Jones is known to be a fan of sneakers in his own personal life. The artistic director for Dior has made it no secret that one of his own favourite styles is Nike’s Air Jordan 1s and he is regularly seen in a variant of the pair. In a post shared on social media, Jones revealed the extent of his collection that would rival even the most dedicated sneakerhead.

This passion is evident in the current shape and direction of the B30 which will become part of the core line-up of Dior’s footwear range.

The B30 will come in five colour options: black, white, olive, beige and lime. Which should you choose? Lime. Hands down. Like it’s even a question?