Birkenstock was once a footwear brand that your podiatrist would prescribe if you were having foot problems. Loved by many for its comfortable design, reliability and high-quality build, the arch-supporting sandals, whilst not in the paradigm of the fashion world, were loved by a wide array of individuals.

They existed outside the realm of fashion. But that all changed when luxury brands like Proenza, Stüssy and Manolo Blahnik wanted to collaboration with the comfort-first footwear label.

Now, Dior has jumped on the hype train with a limited edition capsule collection exclusively designed by Kim Jones and Birkenstock. First seen in January as part of Dior’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the garden sandals turned fashion must-have are finally here, though they don’t come cheap.

The partnership between the two respective fashion brands fuses together a commonality for function and elegance by paying tribute to Monsieur Dior’s passion for gardening. The result is a fresh and innovative take on the iconic Birkenstock designs – the Tokio mules and Milano sandals.

“I loved more than anything else to learn by heart the names and descriptions of flowers in the color catalogs published by the Vilmorin-Andrieux house,” wrote Monsieur Dior in his memoirs.

The collection, helmed by Kim Jones, utilises monochrome palettes with unique fabrics like felted wool and nubuck calfskin, to essentially create the iconic Birkenstock silhouette with the classic Dior designer elegance.

The Dior by Birkenstock collections falls alongside the CD 1947 capsule collection, which was also unveiled showcasing the exciting dialogue between Kim Jones and the legacy of Monsieur Dior. Emblematic of the line, a new “Christian Dior” signature and the key date “1947” – the year of Dior’s first défilé – are featured on each of the creations.

Together, the two new creations are evidently inspired by the outdoors, distinguished by sportswear cuts and technically advanced materials that merge together elegance and minimalist spirit.

The Dior by Birkenstock and CD 1947 collections are now available via Dior’s website and select Dior stores. The Dior Bikenstocks retail for $1,650.