Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Like Donald Trump, Elon Musk‘s affinity for Twitter is borderline dangerous. If not his dignity, then for his wallet. Taking to the social media platform in the past, the Tesla CEO has seen himself in embarrassing situations including the time he called out Coachella to stop “sucking” – the response was legendary  – and no one can forget the time Musk called the Thai cave rescuer a “pedo”. But his latest online blunder has cost Tesla over billions. Oops.

Taking to the platform he tweeted, “Tesla stock price [is] too high imo.” At that time, Tesla’s market valuation was at $141 billion USD, it quickly plunged to $127 billion.

His tweeting spree continued with, “I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house” before sharing that his girlfriend, Grimes is “mad” at him.

The quick plunge may be due to the ever-changing and ongoing health crisis, however, Tesla did lose over $14 billion in market value. In turn, Musk’s own worth dropped by $3 billion.

Perhaps, Musk should take a leaf from Jeff Bezos and his growing wealth.