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In early February, it was announced that Italian luxury fashion house, Ermenegildo Zegna, would tap Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God for a cross-pollination of renowned tailoring expertise and modern luxury. Unveiled overnight, we now have a closer look at the forthcoming collaboration which will see its anticipated release in September, 2020. The creative partnership has been dubbed a “spontaneous dialogue” between both creative directors for the birth of a new grammar of style.

Since its inception from Californian subcultures, Fear of God has become a symbol of new American luxury. With the objective of identifying and following a new path of masculine elegance that is also wearable for women, the frank and authentic conversation between two seemingly distant worlds defines an immediate and contemporary wardrobe. A new vocabulary that proposes aesthetic canons that are as free from pre-built models and gender paradigms as possible.

The excellence of Ermenegildo Zegna’s sartorial take and the sophisticated leisurewear of Fear of God blend naturally, mixing and merging, reinventing silhouettes and proportions in a continuous cross-reference between Milan/Los Angeles and back. A previously unexplored line, made of materials that unveil unexpected interpretations, rigorously rooted in the highest quality. A synthesis of two identities that is reconfirmed through the stylised Zegna logo, written using the font that distinguishes Fear of God. Sharp tailored blazers pair with slim-fit pants, oversized shirts are crisp and athleisure infuses the collection with a relaxed, approachable feel. Tying each key piece together – no matter the equation – basic kit essentials round out the looks.

“The collection speaks to our audience just as it does Jerry Lorenzo’s, but we believe it can also appeal to a new client, thanks to the mix of Zegna’s impeccable tailoring and Fear of God’s concept of laid-back luxury. We have worked with great balance, without our ego’s ever surpassing one another, to create a unique new wardrobe. A perfect synthesis of our two souls: clothes to wear at any time of the day in order to feel good. And this is only the beginning, as our conversation has just begun,” explains Alessandro Sartori.

“This collaboration is based on mutual respect. When you meet someone for the first time, you immediately understand how far you can go. With Alessandro we understood each other from the very first moment, and this collection naturally evolved from our conversation. I design menswear but I always keep a woman in mind; I really love the way women wear men’s clothing. I have always been fascinated by Ermenegildo Zegna clothing and this collaboration provides my clients with the opportunity to experience tailoring stitched with freedom, which I think Zegna customers will also enjoy,” affirms Jerry Lorenzo.

The collection proved to be particularly close to Lorenzo’s heart following a heartfelt Instagram post. Explaining his struggles with depression and anxiety over a strenuous six months, the collaboration proved to be the enlightenment he needed. “…I’ve never been so clear as to why I do what I do… but now I leave unwavered, uplifted by Zegna’s team and held up by a family and a God who wrote this story before time began. beyond humbled. beyond grateful,” he wrote as part of the caption.

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…for last 6 months, i’ve been one heartbeat away from a depression breakdown, losing control, losing faith, or a serious anxiety attack that could potentially put me out… i’ve never pushed myself to such strenuous work limits before… countless flights to milan over the past two years, long days and sleepless nights, mixing in new hires, developing new relationships, working to get a luxury house and an agency to trust what we bring to the table.. and to believe in our perspective and nuanced understanding of the market, and to see us beyond this fleeting hype stigma that surrounds our industry… i only have 6 plus years in fashion, and despite substantial/disruptive sales growth, honestly all we have is a fickle following, a promise from above and a conviction that burns deep in my spirit… i flew my family out to expose them to my world but selfishly for own my health reasons… what they brought was prayer, covering and fresh perspective. i’ve never been so clear as to why i do what i do… but now i leave unwavered, uplifted by zegna’s team and held up by a family and a God who wrote this story before time began. beyond humbled. beyond grateful. thank you manuel family… this image of them in a circle praying at the hotel before heading down to meet me at our presentation might be the most gangster image of all time. you got shooters, i got warriors. 🙏🏽 …thanks for holding me up. my legacy is our legacy. i broke down crying tears of joy uncontrollably at the presentation last night… no one knows the battle like the man in the arena… sorry for being so hard to live with lately, love you all more than you can imagine… yes i’m emotional… maybe @alessandrosartoriofficial is rubbing off on me in more ways than one 😂 …just thought i’d share this moment. might delete later…. i’m ok world. these are tears of joy 🖤 …know that we ALL deal with the valleys. the mountains take care of themselves.

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The collection will be available from September 2020 from a range of Zegna boutiques, online and in internationals specialty stores.