Each and every month, viewers are greeted with a plethora of new and existing titles in a range of television and film categories via their chosen streaming service. While sometimes too many options can prove a burden – the struggle is real, folks – we’ve made your job a little more bearable by collating all the new cinematic and binge-worthy goodies arriving on Netflix this April.

This month, there is some great viewing to be had. Do you enjoy a tear-inducing documentary series? Perhaps you’re partial to an easy-watching rom-com? Or maybe you’re looking for something a little spicier? Whatever piques your interest, Netflix will have you sorted.

So, here are all the new movies, TV shows, documentaries and mini-series coming to Netflix in April, including our favourite must-see picks.

The Diplomat

Hailed as the show to watch this month, The Diplomat centres around Kate Wyler (Keri Russell) who, in the midst of an international crisis, lands a high-profile job as a US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, a role she’s unsuited for and one that comes attached with tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future. From showrunner Debora Cahn (The West Wing; Homeland) comes this a high-stakes, contemporary political drama.

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

A day America will never forget, the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 is one of the nation’s worst acts of terrorism. To mark the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, this in-depth documentary revisits that fateful day in Boston when two home-grown terrorists bombed the marathon’s finish line. The result was absolute carnage, the loss of life and injuries to many, and one of the nation’s biggest manhunts in a post-9/11 world.

This all-access music documentary shines a light on breakout artist Lewis Capaldi at a pivotal moment in his career. The heart of this film offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of this young artist as he returns to his roots after achieving unbelievable global success, and attempts to reconnect with his old life and the family and friends he left behind. It also highlights Capaldi’s great deal of struggle with mental health and the efforts he is going to to combat the pressures of success, fame and touring on a global stage.

Netflix Original Series

  • War Sailor: Limited Series (02/04/2023)
  • The Signing (04/04/2023)
  • BEEF (06/04/2023)
  • Transatlantic (07/04/2023)
  • Thicker Than Water (07/04/2023)
  • Smother-in-Law: Season 2 (12/04/2023)
  • Florida Man (13/04/2023)
  • Obsession (13/04/2023)
  • Queenmaker (14/04/2023)
  • Doctor Cha (15/04/2023)
  • The Diplomat (20/04/2023)
  • Tooth Pari: When Love Bites (20/04/2023)
  • Rough Diamonds (21/04/2023)
  • Indian Matchmaking: Season 3 (21/04/2023)
  • Workin’ Moms: Season 7 (26/04/2023)
  • Love After Music (26/04/2023)
  • The Good Bad Mother (26/04/2023)
  • The Nurse (27/04/2023)
  • Firefly Lane: Season 2 Part 2 (27/04/2023)
  • Sweet Tooth: Season 2 (27/04/2023)
  • King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch (28/04/2023)
  • Ex-Addicts Club (Coming Soon)
  • Welcome to Eden: Season 2 (Coming Soon)

Netflix Films

  • Weathering (01/04/2023)
  • Chupa (07/04/2023)
  • Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign (07/04/2023)
  • Oh Belinda (07/04/2023)
  • Hunger (08/04/2023)
  • Operation: Nation (12/04/2023)
  • Queens on the Run (14/04023)
  • Seven Kings Must Die (14/04/2023)
  • Phenomena (14/04/2023)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always (19/04/2023)
  • One More Time (21/04/2023)
  • A Tourist’s Guide to Love (21/04/2023)
  • Chokehold (21/04/2023)
  • Kiss, Kiss! (26/04/2023)
  • AKA (28/04/2023)
  • The Matchmaker (27/04/2023)

Netflix Comedy Specials

  • My Name Is Mo’Nique (04/04/2023)
  • Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman (11/04/2023)
  • CELESTE BARBER Fine, thanks (12/04/2023)
  • John Mulaney: Baby J (25/04/2023)

Netflix Original Documentaries 

  • Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now (05/04/2023)
  • American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing (12/04/2023)
  • How to Get Rich (18/04/2023)
  • Longest Third Date (18/04/2023)
  • Chimp Empire (19/04/2023)

Netflix Kids & Family

  • CoComelon: Season 8 (10/04/2023)
  • The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib: Season 2 (13/04/2023)
  • The Nutty Boy Part 2 (16/04/2023)
  • Oggy Oggy: Season 2 (17/04/2023)
  • Ada Twist, Scientist: Season 4 (22/04/2023)
  • Sharkdog: Season 3 (27/04/2023)

Netflix Games

  • Highwater (Now Available)
  • Terra Nill (28/03/2023)

All Other TV & Movies Coming To Netflix (Licensed Content)

  • Better Watch Out (01/04/2023)
  • Ticket to Paradise (07/04/2023)
  • Miriam Margolyes: Almost Australian: Season 1 (24/04/2023)