With the coming of the new month comes a slew of new (and old) titles set to hit our screens via the much-loved streaming platform, Netflix. And while sometimes too many options can prove a burden – the struggle is real, folks – we’ve made your job a little more bearable by collating all the new cinematic goodies hitting our Netflix screens this July.

Here are all the new movies and TV shows, documentaries and mini-series coming to Netflix this July, including our favourites to watch.

The Gray Man

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans… what more could you want from a Netflix blockbuster! The Gray Man is Gosling’s touted return to film after a lengthy break from Hollywood. It promises to be a high-flying action epic that follows the life of a former CIA operative (Gosling) who is being hunted by a former cohort at the CIA (Evans) who will stop at nothing to take him out.

One to add to the list, folks.

The Sea Beast

From the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Chris Williams (Moana, Big Hero Six, Bolt) comes the new seafaring adventure that places young Maisie Brumble at the heart of the story, where she must defy the odds against terrifying beasts, monster hunters and pirates. Fighting side by side with the great Jacob Holland, the unlikely duo embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history. One the whole family can enjoy, folks!

Strangers Things 4, Volume 2

There are a lot of questions going into the release of Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2. Like, will the kids of Hawkins defeat the evil Vecna once and for all? Will they survive their noble endeavours to save their beloved town – and each other? Will Eleven save the day, once again, with her newfound powers?

All we know is, that the 2-episode Volume 2 (episode 8 clocks in at 1 hour and 25 minutes, while the grand finale runs 2 hours and 30 minutes) is set to be full of action, thrills and spills, and we’re 100% in for the ride. Strap yourselves in!

D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!

Get “sucked into the Cooper Vortex’ with this documentary series that looks into the 50-year quest to find the mysterious D.B. Cooper: the man who hijacked a Northwest Airlines passenger jet in November 1971 and escaped with $200,000, never to be seen again. Five decades later, the mystery behind the identity of skyjacker D.B. Cooper remains one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century… until now.


July 1

  • Stranger Things 4, Volume 2

July 6

  • King of Stonks

July 8

  • Boo, Bitch
  • How to Build a Sex Room
  • The Sea Beast
  • The Longest Night
  • Dangerous Liasons

July 12

  • How to Change Your Mind

July 13

  • D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!

July 14

  • Resident Evil

July 15

  • Remarriage and Disasters
  • Persuasion
  • Farzar

July 20

  • Virgin River

July 22

  • The Gray Man

July 27

  • The Most Hated Man on the Internet
  • Recurrence

July 28

  • Keep Breathing

July 29

  • Uncoupled
  • Fanático
  • Purple Hearts

What are you looking forward to viewing on Netflix this month? Tell us in the comments below!