It’s September so that means one thing – details and rumours of a new Apple iPhone are circulating the mediascape giving tech fanatics weeks of frothing material to pore over in the lead up to its actual release.

Here’s what we know so far about the new Apple iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14. Image: Apple

Announced on Thursday, alongside a bevy of new accessories including AirPods and the equally anticipated Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple iPhone 14 comes in your basic two size preference standard and Plus with three capacity options. So far, so familiar.

But what has most fans excited is that perhaps for the first time after a few years of plateauing, the iPhone 14 is promising new technology and not just in the camera or relocated charge point.

The most intriguing of those is a new tech that can detect if you have been in a serious car crash. (Has this been happening a lot?). If you’re in the US and Canada, you’ll also be able to send SOS messages via satellite from November. No such luck here in Australia however, but hopefully that is on the cards further down the track considering how iffy our networks can be on a good day. Looking at you, Vodafone…

The hated notch that houses the front facing camera is also out of the picture, literally, with a new pill-shaped “Dynamic Island” that will contain the cameras. A proximity sensor will turn off inputs when you put your phone to your ear has been shuffled further down the screen. A new notification style will be within the island.  This feature, however, will only be available on the Pro.

A rear view take.

Speaking of the camera, the iPhone 14 Pro will also feature a new 48MP main camera, giving greater light capture, along with 2x zoom shots without the fuzz-ifying of details. Then there’s also the option to take huge images in the new professional ProRAW format.

From a totally pragmatic perspective however, it’s the batter that is splitting the divide.

According to CEO Tim Cook, who fronted the first in-person event since prior to the pandemic in California, the iPhone 14 Pro and Max come with a high-performance A16 Bionic chip that will ensure longer battery life plus quicker processing. A boon for those who live on the go and don’t want to carry around a charging pack.

Again, this is a Pro only feature and standard 14s will still use the current processor. Seems like it pays to go Pro.

Apple iPhone 14. Image: Apple

Speaking of pay, this is where things get sticky.

Apple seems to be calling our bluff and taking the Rolls-Royce approach to design. Australians can expect to pay a sweet starting price of $1399 for the standard iPhone 14 before it hits a cute $1899, with the standard Plus, Pro and Pro Max formats on offer.

To put this into perspective, your basic Apple MacBook Air 13-inch costs $1499 at Harvey Norman.