Pokémon Cards
Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP via Getty Images

It’s undeniable that 2020 has been huge for auctions. Think genuine film props, iconic celebrity pieces and sporting memorabilia. The world of gaming has been just as huge, but for one group of people, they’ve soon learned the hard way about counterfeit product.

On a ‘Dumb Money LIVE’ video, host Chris Camillo was prepared to pay $375,000 USD (or approximately $533,445 AUD) for an unopened box of first-edition Pokémon cards. The trade was done by Jake “JBTheCryptoKing” Greenbaum – Youtube personality Logan Paul’s personal Pokémon card advisor (yes, that’s a thing). The box was to be opened and verified as real, before being resealed. What transpired thereafter was not expected.

While the booster packs had been planned to be auctioned off in 12 months for charity, was soon a non-existent plan when it was revealed that the cards were not all first-edition. In fact, they were mismatched and some booster packs had actually been open prior to sale.

Following the YouTube video, Greenbaum took to Twitter with a video of the counterfeit product, warning, “That’s why you buy PSA/BGS graded! Are you kidding me!?!?”

Similar real packets have repoortedly sold for upwards of $198,000 USD in the past.