Break with tradition and choose a summer fragrance that will get you noticed.

As far as trends go, the world of fragrance moves at a slightly slower pace to its sartorial peer. But seasonality still plays a role in what we wear – heavy, woodier scents in winter and fresher, lighter scents in summer. It’s a basic rule of thumb designed to be broken but does help delineate the perfumes we wear.

Citrus, for example, is traditionally the go-to for the warmer months due to its uplifting profile. But recently, brands have toyed with a variety of new notes to gain the same zing without the repetitive familiarity. Herbaceous notes such as basil, mint and even rhubarb have all been used by perfumers to create some of the most incredible summer-worthy fragrances.

Of course, the other element of the perfect summer fragrance is good dose of sex appeal. Tis the party season after all. To give you a heard start, here are eight of our favourite summer fragrances that will make you stand out in a crowd and set the scene for a great night.

Hermès Eau de Basilic Pourpre

Hermès Eau de basilic pourpre. $185. SHOP NOW.

Created by Christine Nagel, the new cologne from Hermès blends the brightness of basil varietals – green and purple – to create a delightfully complex yet delicious aroma. An al fresco experience in the Mediterranean in a bottle. Best served with an aperol.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Cozumel

Laboratorio Olfattivo Cozumel. $239. SHOP NOW.

Named for an island off of Mexico, Cozumel is a mouth-watering aquatic scent that blends Vietnamese basil with blonde tobacco, hemp and incense. The result is an addictive fragrance that’s almost narcotic.

Etat Libre d'Orange You Or Someone Like You

Etat Libre d’Orange You Or Someone Like You. $230. SHOP NOW

With a strong burst of mint in the opening, followed by fresh green notes, sweet anise and cassis (blackcurrant) You or Someone Like You is a wearable summer cocktail. A mojito, perhaps. Or even better, a caiprioska. Brilliant.

Editions de Parfums By Frédéric Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur EDP

Editions de Parfums By Frédéric Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur EDP. $406. SHOP NOW.

The mint note used here is stripped back to its most earthiest thanks to notes of star anise, cloves and geranium. The perfect choice for someone who likes to spend time in the garden or gravitates to “natural” smelling fragrances.

Fueguia Cactus Azul

Fueguia Cactus Azul. $299. SHOP NOW.

If you’ve not heard of Argentinian brand Fueguia, now’s the time to get acquainted. Smart, sophisticated scents drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes and history of South America, Cactus Azul captures the sun drenched scent of a cactus flower with subtle aquatic notes.

Jo Malone Basil and Neroli

Jo Malone Basil and Neroli. $229. SHOP NOW.

A cologne that isn’t a cologne but rather an intensely, almost sparkling, herbaceous fragrance that will lift your spirits and clear the mind – it’s like a cold shower after a big night. Ditch the “sport” fragrances and reach for this instead.

Guerlain Nerolia Vetiver Guerlain

Guerlain Nerolia Vetiver Guerlain. $221. SHOP NOW.

A blend of woody vetiver, sweet fig, basil and neroli, the new cologne from Guerlain hits the balance between familiar and abstract perfumery. The ultimate date night fragrance that won’t overpower the moment.

The Zoo NYC Rhubarb My Love

The Zoo NYC Rhubarb My Love. approx. $200. SHOP NOW.

Independent perfume company The Zoo is the brainchild of the industry’s most irreverent yet admired noses – Christophe Laudamiel. Rhubarb My Love sums up nicely what Laudamiel is about – create something that smells so wonderfully weird it will keep you sniffing your own wrist for hours after.

Issey Miyake Eau Cedre. $155. SHOP NOW.

The late Issey Miyake was the master of melding minimalism with maximum impact. The latest flanker to the L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme family is perhaps the most intriguing. Merging water and wood, it is both subtle yet captivating.