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The party weekend of the NBA calendar has once again come to an end. Bringing out celebrities, fans and epic on-court moves, if there is any game worth watching all season, its the NBA All-Stars. For the occasion of 2019, there were plenty of highlights and history-making moments and incase you missed any of it, we’ve rounded down our top five favourite moments of last night’s game.

From Australia’s very own Ben Simmons to the LeBron victory, scroll below to relive the action.

ben simmons makes history

It is no secret that Australia produces some of the best basketball players outside of the national league and breaking through the ranks of other Aussie greats – amongst the likes of Patty Mills and Andrew Bogut – a young Ben Simmons has made history. The first Australian to play in the NBA All-Stars, the 22-year-old joined the LeBron team for the game.

Hailing from Melbourne, the athlete is praised as one of the best prodigies since the rise of LeBron, many years earlier.

*this* bounce pass to giannis

The NBA All-Stars are known to be more casual yet equally as entertaining than the regular season, and the wild on-court moves prove that. While there were plenty of awesome slam-dunks and three-pointers throughout the entire game, Steph’s epic bounce pass to Giannis is one for the playbook. And the reaction from the crowd is just as good

Watch it from every angle below.

j cole’s halftime performance

An American sporting event is nothing without its celebrity appearance and amongst guests including Ludacris and Jamie Foxx, the halftime show was fronted by none other than J Cole. Performing songs including ATM, Love Yourz and Role Modelz, the artist also took the opportunity to make a political statement. Yelling out 21 Savage, it comes after the rapper was detained by federal immigration and threatened with deportation.

lebron-team comeback for victory

For much of the game it seemed that a fired up team-Giannis would take out the title, but in basketball, a strong comeback is always imminent. That was the case for team-LeBron as the all-stars flipped a 20-point deficit in the second half to come out victors with an end score of 178-164.


Trailing behind Giannis’ 38-points, it was team-LeBron player and winner Kevin Durrant who was named as MVP for the All-Stars game after scoring 31 points and seven rebounds.