They say “what goes around comes back around”, and whether it is fashion, cinema or in some cases, karma, I am always inclined to agree. In recent years, Hollywood has looked back on its greatest films for modern remakes. From live-action iterations of Disney’s most beloved films to the rumoured fourth film of ‘The Matrix’, nostalgia has well and truly become an industry of its own. But as we throwback to the very influences that shaped today’s pop-culture, the lines between old-school style and new-age fashion is blurred.

In an era where micro-trends rule the high-street and luxury fashion houses are revisiting its origins, style is more eclectic than ever. No, I’m not talking about ‘ugly fashion’ that at times still hogs the spotlight, but a more fluid trend which holds the belief that old-school is new-school again and donning an oversized Hawaiian shirt or classic pair of flared pants is no longer ironic – in fact, you’re actually considered cool.

While I don’t suggest going full ‘Saturday Night Fever’ or dark and brooding with a geared up ‘The Matrix’ look, but these cinema-inspired pieces are sure to elevate your everyday uniform.

’60s – Blue Hawaii

It was one of Elvis Presley’s first big films after bursting onto the scene. While the film follows the ex-military man as he womanises much of the island and despite its 1961 time stamp, following the revival of the classic Hawaiian shirt and white pants, his resort look couldn’t be more on trend in 2019.

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’70s – Saturday Night Fever

As Once Upon A Time In Hollywood starts to drop into cinemas across the world, Quentin Tarantino has spotlighted the era and its style. With disco emerging in the ’70s, colour, flared pants and tight leather came to fruition and though the full look is a little taboo for more modern times, a small addition to your everyday style is a sure way to make a statement.

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’80s – The Breakfast Club

It was the coming-of-age film that still to this day, captures the young and old. The Breakfast Club is a more youthful approach to relaxed style of the ’80s, but the formula remains much the same – baggy denim, classic sneakers and a varsity-style sweater.

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’90s – The Matrix

The Matrix in 2019 is plagued with rumours and speculations over a controversial reboot but nevertheless, as luxury fashion houses look back to the glory days of the ’90s, its spy-inspired style is more relevant than ever. Characterised by its all-black looks, add a floor-length coat or dark sunglasses to channel the sci-fi action film.

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’00s – Zoolander

Zoolander albeit ridiculous during parts, is the perfect representation of modern style – bright, showy and sometimes just a little ugly. And since the inception of the film in 2012, not much as changed. Again I warn you, start slow and add one or two pieces to make a understated statement.

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