Care for a weight class?

Iconic accessories, brilliant fragrances, objet d’art – now French maison Hermès is about to add fitness to their areas of interest with the arrival of HermèsFit in Sydney this coming October.

Taking place over three days, from the 14th to the 16th at the Hordern Pavilion, HermèsFit will be an opportunity to see and experience some of the maison’s most familiar iconography and creations in a new light, one that celebrates their practicality and utilitarian elements alongside the craftsmanship that is the Hermès signature.

The three day event will provide tactile experiences that blends luxury design with the world of fitness and wellness, with a complete schedule of activities and workouts to enjoy. You can partake in a yoga that will involve postures inspired by Hermès silk scarves. Belt Stretching is exactly that – a series of stretches, breathing and relaxing poses to unwind your muscles.

HermèsFit in LA. Image: Hermès.

A pulse-raising kickboxing class will include your favourite Hermès bracelets, while a Small Leather Goods Workout isn’t in fact a shopping trip at the Castlereagh flagship store but test of flexibility, grace and strength all the while holding on to a Kelly wallet or other small leather item. Or try vogueing, with hats.

For those who prefer a more traditional way of gaining their pump, there’s also a weights wall lined with Hermès dumbbells and kettlebells.

Having already appeared in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Paris, HermèsFit’s arrival to Sydney is the latest stopover for a pop-up experience that opens our eyes to what perhaps is an often overlooked element of Hermès: a nod to its equestrian roots, design at Hermès isn’t just embedded in the practical but also in freedom of movement.

The experience will be taking place at the Hordern Pavilion.

Whether it’s the men’s universe created by Véronique Nichanian, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s womenswear, Christine Nagel’s continually surprising fragrances or the playful surprises of the world of Petit H – the thread that connects each of these facets is a feeling of freedom. Lightness of fit, structured to enable the body to move or even in the more abstract terms the freedom to create unfettered by market testing, Hermès has never really forgotten that feeling of what it’s like to jump on that horse and let it gallop.

HermèsFit is a whimsical opportunity to reconnect to that part of the maison’s DNA. While also having some fun with your fitness at the same time.

HermèsFit will take place at the Hordern Pavilion, from October 14 to October 16.