The silk scarf has a storied history. The first record of the fabric dressing was seen around 350 BC when Egyptian Queen Nefertiti wore a head dress. But for the male counterpart, the silk scarf rose to prominence in more modern times during the early days of flying. Pilots would wear a scarf tightly around their neck as to protect the skin from elements of an open cockpit. Soon, men of affluence were seen pairing the accessory to suiting and fast forward several decades, the silk scarf has been used in a myriad of ways, from tied around luggage or added with a classic t-shirt.

With the resurgence of refined dressing thanks to luxury runways – in place of oversized streetwear and everyday sportswear – the likes of Hermès and Dior have ushered in the return of the silk scarf. But for the uninitiated, styling the look is easier said than done. The cardinal rule by any account is to ensure you don’t tie the scarf too tight, firstly for comfort reasons and so it sits correctly. And in saying that, thanks to the Spring/Summer 2021 runways, we have rounded up the best way to tie the silk scarf.

The t-shirt

I will allow the gasping of tailors nearby to subside before I continue… yes, silk scarves and t-shirts certainly mix. Don’t believe me? Hermès says so according to its most recent runway. Admittedly, this isn’t the easiest look to tie  butthere is many ways to pull off the look. We suggest you start with a slightly smaller scarf to avoid the bulk. Wrap around your neck, tie a knot as if you were for a proper tie, before stopping midway and tucking in the remaining tail.

This look can be applied to nearly any basic look such a lightweight knitwear.

silk scarf style
Hermès Spring/Summer 2021

the Suit

Perhaps the easiest and most failsafe way to style a silk scarf is by way of the suit. In replacement of the tie and as shown by Gucci, the simplest way is to simply wrap a small scarf around the neck and under the collar, finished off with a loose knot. Alternatively, a neatly pressed drape peeking just under the lapels and an open collar.

silks scarf style
Gucci Spring/Summer 2021

the collarless dress shirt

Gone are the days – well, almost – where the dress shirt must feature a collar. Romanticism in fashion has prevailed and the collarless shirt is seeing a welcomed comeback. While wearing the look on its own is more than enough, adding a side knotted scarf as they seemingly do in Pari lends a certain sense of sophistication. And as Dior proves, short shorts can make for formal summer dressing.

silk scarf style
Dior Men’s Spring/Summer 2021


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