Merry Christmas!

It’s no secret amongst my friends and family that I love presents. Love them. But I also love giving them too – especially when I know it’s something they wanted. Or, even better, never knew they wanted.

Christmas, rather than a birthday, is the best time to get a little imaginative and daring when it comes to gift ideas. Something that stands out in the crowd so to speak. This year, for example, I’ve had my eye on the new incense holder from Aesop and designed by Vogel Studio – a statuesque brass piece that looks more like a sculpture than traditional incense holder.

Another one that’s high up on the list is something a little more permanent. Not quite a tattoo but it does involve some skin contact – a soldered bracelet from Australian designers (and Fashion Laureate award recipients) Sarah and Sebastian. I tend to lose or forget accessories and this way, it’s with me forever. Or with them. Still deciding on that one…

Then there’s a print from one of my favourite Australian artists – the irrepressible Gerwyn Davies. Camp, garish, a little obscene and from his latest series Strange Magic, it’s perfect.

Also important is a drink to toast the day and this year I’ve picked Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque 2013 Limited Edition bottle. There’s only 100 bottles in Australia making it an extra special pick for the season so make sure to pre-order yours now!

But here forthwith, my selection of dream gift ideas for this Christmas. And if you know my partner, feel free to share this with them. Please.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute. $13,400. SHOP NOW.

From the shade of green to the elegant simplicity of the face – timeless.

Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque 2013 Limited Edition pre-order. $379.99. SHOP NOW.

Pre-order your bottle to toast the new year with something truly special.

Zegna Cashmere Sweater. $7555. SHOP NOW.

The vicuna colour, the distressed pattern – there’s nothing to not love about this cashmere knit from Zegna.

Gerwyn Davies ‘Hat Trick’. $4500. SHOP NOW.

Part performance part photography all-together fabulous – Gerwyn Davies’ work is a camp kaleidoscope of colour.

Hermès Violette Volynka. $385. SHOP NOW.

Created by Christine Nagel, the new Hermès fragrance is as light at its violet namesake but with hidden leather depths.

Bottega Veneta Folded Messenger. $5320. SHOP NOW.

How to make a bag both practical and fun in one hit.

Sarah and Sebastian Soldered. POA. BOOK NOW.

I adore this idea – a piece of jewellery that becomes permanent yet remains ever so discrete.

Loewe Nappa Shirt. $5500. SHOP NOW.

If you follow my Instagram you know I’m slightly obsessed with Jonathan Anderson’s work at Loewe and this is just supporting my man.

Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite. $679. SHOP NOW.

The miracle product we’ve read so much about – honestly, it’s over for everyone else once I spend a month wearing this.

Tickets To Björk At Perth Festival. Priceless. SHOP NOW.

A once-in-a-lifetime performance by one of the world’s most fascinating and brilliant artists? Yes please.

Prada Monolith Chelsea Boots. $1820. SHOP NOW.

Prada’s return to industrial goth-like details is basically my ambrosia and these boots belong with me.

Aesop Incense Holder. $175. SHOP NOW.

Throw out that wooden thing you’ve had since you were 14 and invest in an elegant piece of homeware.

Loro Piana Cashmere Dog Bed. $4700. SHOP NOW.

If I’m prepared to drop a few thou on a watch for me, my dog surely deserves no less?

Dior Saddle Bag. $4900. SHOP NOW.

Part of the spring 2023 collection and only eight available in Australia? Yes. Thank you.