IKEA‘s innovation lab Space10 has partnered with Brooklyn design studio Anton & Irene to explore housing issues of affordability, urbanisation and isolation through an innovative online hub, One Shared House 2030.
According to the site, by 2030 almost 70% of the global population will live in cities and almost 2 billion people one fifth of the world’s population will not have access to adequate housing.
The site functions as a self-described “playful research project” that will collect data and insights through a “collaborative survey”.
The user experience design of the site incorporates bright colours and geometric shapes to present questions on everything from what household items people are willing to share, to what role smart devices such as voice enabled speakers should play in the home.

(It’s) a playful research project that aims to get insights on the future of co-living through a collaborative survey,” says Irene Pereyra of design duo Anton & Irene.

The viewer goes through a process where they pretend to sign-up for a co-living facility in the year 2030 by letting us know about their preferences in their immediate living environment. The goal is to be able to better understand what specific demographics prefer what type of co-living.”

“IKEA is a curious company, and we’re always exploring new ways of pushing our overall vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people,” says Göran Nilsson , Manager of IKEA Concept Innovation.

“We want to experiment how to introduce our democratic design principles of combining form, function, quality and sustainability all at a low price in new areas. In that respect, one opportunity we find interesting lies in the home itself.”

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