Cosmetic injectables, such as Botox and filler, are increasingly becoming the norm for those wishing slow down the first signs of ageing. Whilst an industry that has predominantly been targeted towards women, men are now wanting to get in on the action.

A common topic that has carried its fair share of stigma, especially in men’s circles, one unlikely Hollywood celebrity is here to carry the torch for men around the world who might be thinking of going down the route of cosmetic injectables but don’t know where to start. That person is Joe Jonas, everyone.

Jonas has recently announced that he has partnered with Xeomin, an FDA-apporved Botox alternative, as he marches on progressively to make cosmetic injectables unisex, easy to talk about and common-practice amongst men (and women).

The treatment, which was first approved for cosmetic use in 2011, is a form of botulinum toxin – just like Botox – that works in an identible way by blocking movement in the muscles that inevitably cause wrinkles to form in the face and forehead.

“It’s [cosnemtic injectables] something people obviously do and maybe they shy away from talking about it,” he recently said via an interview in WWD.

“It’s everyone’s choice if they don’t want to speak on it and that’s totally fine, but I think it doesn’t need to be something that has to be a secret. I hope to encourage people to feel like it’s not a big deal for them, meaning they don’t need to be nervous about speaking about how they take care of their body.”

Jonas’ sentiments reflect a glowing growing trend in the beauty world. We’re finding that more men and women are willing to seek cosmetic treatments, such as filler and anti-wrinkle injections, to minimise the use of muscles in areas such as the forehead. During the pandemic, the “Zoom effect” led more men to seek out cosmetic treatments than ever before.

And by Jonas becoming the face of one of America’s leading cosmetic injectable company, it shows how much the beauty landscape really has changed… and progressed.

Who’s getting their Xeomin shots this summer!?