Johnny Manuel
Credit: Supplied

You might remember Johnny Manuel from America’s Got Talent, Eurovision, or most recently The Voice Australia. The truth is, he doesn’t need song contests. Song contests need him.

And now Johnny Manuel is back, this time from the recording studio. Doing what he does best, Manuel brings emotion and depth to complex vocals all the while soaring forth from the rabble of other talented youngsters. He needs little introduction because his voice speaks (or sings) for itself.

Manuel’s debut single “Lost In The Music” is a synth layered, bass-forward exploration of the highs and lows of lovers in turmoil with smooth vocals guiding the way. In the way of defining the dance floor-ready track, Manuel says, “”Lost In The Music” is really about finding your way back to love and having fun while you do it. When we were creating this song, we started talking about how complicated relationships can become but if you learn to let go you find out that it can be simple.”

2021 is set to be a busy time for Manuel who is tipped to release more singles throughout the coming year. And you can be there to witness the beginning. Catch Johnny Manuel live on June 18 at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory, and on June 25 at The Toff in Melbourne.

With “Lost In The Music” about to become the anthem to those late-night drives, we sat down with Johnny Manuel to ask him 10 quick fire questions.

Your life motto?
Keep Going!

One career highlight?
Getting a standing ovation from Muhammed Ali. I’ll never forget it.

Dream collaboration?
Beyoncé…the f*cking queen!

An ideal day off?
Up early for a workout/meditation, beach until sundown, then dinner and a movie at home.

Biggest inspiration?
Music – Donny Hathaway | Style – Maxwell

A style you’ll never stop wearing?
White tee and jeans

And a trend you hope never comes back?
Men’s rompers!

An album you’ll never get sick of?
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – It’s a masterpiece!!

All-time favourite film?
I’m in love with so many films! Coming To America and Studio54 come to mind first though.

Your favourite city?