Kanye West is no stranger to provocation but having Marilyn Manson appear at his Sunday Service screams desperate times.

Ye brought back his infamous Sunday Service on October 31 (don’t you have kids mate? Take them trick or treating, anything but this) where he appeared onstage dressed all in white next to Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson.

Honestly, all that was missing was some cigarettes and they would have looked exactly like the Guilty Remnant cult members from The Leftovers. 

Kanye West
Ann Dowd is judging you. Image: YouTube

This is the second time that the rapper and former Mr. Kardashian has made a public appearance with the musician.

Last month during a listening party for Donda in Chicago, Ye had Manson (along with DaBaby who had also come under fire for a homophonic tirade during a concert that led to nearly every gig he had to be cancelled) next to him.

Both DaBaby and Manson appear on ye’s latest album, Donda, collaborating on the track Jail Pt. 2 – a title and insinuation that is neither funny nor clever.

What Ye is trying to achieve with this kind of collaboration is yet to be seen. And frankly, who gives a shit?

Kanye West, Justin Beiber
Manson, Bieber and Kanye West at West’s Sunday Service. Image: Triller

Standing side by side with someone who has multiple lawsuits accusing them of sexual assault from no less than five women isn’t solidarity. It’s pissing on the pain of those who suffered at their hand and blatantly declaring you either don’t care or don’t believe them.

Or both.

Manson has been persona non grata in most respectable circles after his former partner, actress Evan Rachel Woods, revealed that she suffered ongoing emotional and sexual abuse from Manson during their relationship.

Ye has a history of bringing on some big name celeb guest stars to his infamous Sunday Services. Brad Pitt has attended, as has Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry.

Bringing out Justin Bieber makes some sense at least as both are open Christians. Manson has repeatedly declared his distaste for the faith and at one stage even declaring himself a Satanist.

Whatever you may think of Ye, his music, his “genius”, Kanye West’s continued implicit support of Manson via his continual invitation to appear alongside him is beyond the pale

Mate, get some new friends.