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In an open letter penned by LOEWE’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, the designer was quite frank.“I know this is not exactly the ideal time to launch products, but this is a project all the craftspeople at LOEWE have been lovingly working on for some time, giving life to objects that are exquisitely lively and optimistic – as craft always is.” Despite such an unstable and uncertain future for the fashion industry, brands such as the Spanish house are continuing the vital forge towards the end of the tunnel. And in the darkness, light is radiating in the form of the much anticipated Paula’s Ibiza Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Brought to life through iconic prints created by Paula’s founders, Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick are influenced by the natural world. And like past collections, the homage to Spain embodies the spirit of letting go.

“In this collection that ecstatic abandon is total: part rave, part cyberdog, in acidic neons, faded olive greens and borderline hues of scarlet, sunrise orange and midnight blue,” Anderson writes.

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The result has seen a collection thats boasts part leisurewear—long linen tunics, cropped dungarees and bleached jeans—part classic summer staples—striped aprés-swim overshirts and soft terry tees. Reflective silver trousers, spiky tops and mini-bomber jackets, complete with day-glo sandals and acetate sunglasses hint more clearly at clubwear. Accessories are just as playful: leather mini bags in the shape of octopuses, dolphins and whales; earring and charms in the form of seahorses and stars, and calf leather fans.

In addition, the same liveliness is captured in LOEWE’s Paula’s Ibiza debut fragrance. The scent is a spontaneous and carefree composition distinguished by a playful dynamic between opposing notes of warm ambergris and fresh coconut water. It’s escapism, bottled – something we could all do with experiencing.

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The vibrant and warm idealisms of the collection have been visualised by Gray Sorrenti in New Delhi.

To ensure a better future for children in socially vulnerable groups affected by COVID-10, LOEWE will be donating 40 euros to educational projects for every product sold in the Paula’s Ibiza fashion collection between May and August, 2020, starting with an initial donation of 500,000 euros. Paula’s Ibiza Spring/Summer 2020 is now available online at and at MatchesFashion from May 7. You can shop the threads in Australian boutiques from April 29.