Smell good, look good and feel even gooder this Christmas with ICON’s guide to grooming.

Most men now know their way around a moisturiser and a fragrance these days. This has meant the market for luxury grooming products has become a popular Christmas gift idea.

Which is great – there’s something satisfactory about finding the perfect fragrance for your significant other, friend or family member. It shows that not only do you actually know them, and well, but that you also appreciate their personal style.

Then there’s the chance for a little indulgence.

We all want to look our best but, like saving an expensive pair of shoes for “a special occasion”, many of us balk at investing in the kinds of products that will help us achieve this.

Here forthwith, a selection of our favourite grooming products from throughout the year that will make for a sweet-smelling and well-coiffed stocking filler on Christmas Day.


Advent Grooming Calender. $221. From MR PORTER.

An all-in-one, good-to-go month’s worth of skincare and grooming products that will have you glowing by the time Christmas comes around and New Year’s Eve. Face washes, a candle to make your bathroom more welcoming and a mask. Perfecto.


Uden Overdose. $439. From Libertine Parfumerie.

Italian perfumer Xerjoff has captured the smell of the ocean as it belts against the coastline. An intoxicating mix of bright citruses, spicy ginger and smouldering amber in the drydown makes Uden Overdose a flawless day-to-night scent.


Bleu de Chanel deodorant. $50. From Chanel.

Chanel’s best-selling men’s fragrance Bleu de Chanel needs no introduction. A bastion of classic perfumery and the scent of a modern gentleman. More subtle than wearing the eau de parfum, this is perfect for the gym or office or times you need to smell fresh yet subtle.

La Mer.

Crème de La Mer. $490. From La Mer.

The OG moisturiser from La Mer. This nourishing, ultra-rich cream is great for the day or the evening and helps retain elasticity in the skin, keeping it looking healthier and hydrated. Ideal for sensitive skin and great post-shave too.

Truefitt and Hill.

Truefitt and Hill Edwardian Shaving Set. $500. From The Barberhood.

A shaving set that looks like of a work of art, Truefitt and Hill’s Mach3 kit mixes old-school aesthetics with modern technology. A close shave and a lovely piece of design all in one.

Santa Maria Novella.

Beard cleanser. $62. From Santa Maria Novella.

Not actually just for beard, can also be used on the face. This cleanser helps make your whiskers softer (which helps prevent nicks when shaving) by retaining moisture in both skin and beard.

Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Oud Wood. $360. From David Jones.

Revered for its sensual funk, oud is one of the most prized ingredients in perfumery. Tom Ford has given it the Tom Ford treatment – basically, made it an even more sexed up version of itself yet utterly sophisticated.

Susanne Kaufmann from MR PORTER.

Susanne Kaufmann Obsidian Face Roller. $430. From MR PORTER.

A daily massage for the face that helps drain fluid and help improve inflammation, this roller by skincare guru Susanne Kaufmann is an essential addition to your daily routine. Also, looks great in the bathroom.


Karst eau de parfum. $220. From Aesop.

Earlier this year Aesop released a trio of new perfumes inspired by in-between places, called Othertopias. Karst is a cliff on the coast, with the ozone twang of a storm rolling in drifting faintly on the air. And maybe a bit of smoke from the ships firing off in the distance.

Augustinus Bader.

Augustinus Bader The Serum. $490. From Melanie Grant.

Melanie Grant is one of Sydney’s leading skin experts and when she says something is good you can guarantee it’s great. The Serum by Augustinus Bader is heavy duty grooming multitasker product, addressing hydration, inflammation and redness and reducing fine lines.

Eight and Bob.

Eight & Bob Original. $275. From Fragrance Artisans.

Allegedly the fragrance of choice for John F. Kennedy. But as to whether you believe the backstory or not, that doesn’t change the fact that this remains one of the classiest fragrances for men on the market today. Cardamom, lemon and labdanum create a rich and opulent accord that’s both fresh and warm.


Sisley Eau de Campagne shower gel. $102. From MR PORTER.

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a shower in the middle of a forest, this could be your chance to do so. In the luxury of your own bathroom of course. Sisley’s Eau de Campagne scent was originally composed by Jean-Claude Ellena and is a vibrant and invigorating scent. Perfect way to start the day.

111 Skin.

111 Skin Black Diamond Eye Cream. $337. From Mecca.

Even after nine hours sleep, sometimes our eyes are still our worst enemy. So it helps to know there’s a product that can help give that extra boost when needed. Filled with antioxidants and collagen-stimulating ingredients, you might want to keep this one for yourself instead rather than give it away as a gift.

Santa Maria Novella.

Tobacco Toscano 1221 Edition. $198. From Santa Maria Novella.

Since 1221, Santa Maria Novella has been creating herbal medicaments and fragrant waters. To celebrate 800 of Italian perfumery, they have released their best-selling creations in a line of revamped bottles. Tobacco Toscano is a beautiful blend of tobacco and vanilla notes. Sultry yet as comfortable as your favourite leather jacket.

Le Labo.

Le Labo Santal 33 body lotion. $103. From Mecca.

Cult scent Santal 33 by Le Labo achieved that status for good reason – it smells incredible. It’s also got a lot of punch. Le Labo’s body lotion version is both lightweight and lightly scented so that it’s never overpowering and nourishes your skin at the same time. Also, the packing is still banging.


Prada wash bag. $870. From matchesfashion.

Obviously you need something equally amazing to contain all your new products and what could be more aesthetically pleasing than Prada’s minimalist designs. Made using repurposed nylon, it will keep your belongings dry no matter how much you splash around.