Luka Sabbat standing with Virgil Abloh / Credit: Instagram @lukasabbat

Luka Sabbat: If you don’t recognise his name than you’ve more than likely seen his face. Fronting luxury campaigns, runway shows and causing his fair share of controversy, its easy to say that the 21-year-old is one of the biggest influencers in the industry. Currently sitting at 1.6 million followers, the model and actor knows his stuff, but in an interview with The Cut, Sabbat called out the very industry that has built him.

There has been growing speculation and talk over the influencer industry, and if in a saturated market PR and brands should be investing cash into so-called ‘social media stars’. Now more than ever, these platforms are easy to cheat and with a rise on fake followers and likes, the expensive campaigns companies buy into are becoming less impactful and reliable. And Sabbat agrees.

“The influencer bubble is going to pop in the next few years,” he said, sighing. “With a lot of these so-called influencers, brands are going to realise that they’re not actually capitalising off them and the influence isn’t actually working. There are too many of us. Eventually, it will be hard to differentiate between a real influencer and, like, some whack person.

”There’s good and bad influence,” he told The Cut.“People are way too influenced by what they see.”

Posting captions like, “Ya’ll still wearing jeans?” and “It’s 2018 and mfs still out here wearing shoes,” if there is one thing we know – its that he’s sure of himself.