akashi Murkamai at “MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI” in JC Contemporary / Credit: Tai Kwun/Alex Maeland

Takashi Murakami is marked by the colourful flower motif that makes up much of his namesake art. Known for his own avant-garde appearance and contemporary sculptures, the work of the 57-year-old is widely celebrated, not only in his home of Japan, but worldwide. Exploring the multi-faceted and intriguing universe of the contemporary artist, Tai Kwun Contemporary in Hong Kong, has opened an extensive new exhibition.

Aptly dubbed ‘MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI’, the signature exhibition explores the mind of Takashi and the colourful world in which he lives in. Across 60 paintings and sculptures, attendees will step into the embodiment of the Japanese icon in an immersive and encompassing presentation.

Takashi Murkamai at “MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI” in JC Contemporary / Credit: Tai Kwun/Alex Maeland

“Also on view for the first time is a showcase of some of the artist’s iconic and outlandish costume designs, which visitors will experience alongside other important video works, samples from his private art collection, as well as the artist’s spectacular wall and floor art,” the gallery website describes. Works will also include pieces from curators such as Tobias Berger and Gunnar B. Kvaran.

In line with the exhibition, the event will conclude with a pop-up store where visitors can purchase and enjoy neon and wallpaper artworks. ‘MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI’ will show from June 1 until September 1, 2019. For more information, visit the website here.