Credit: Monosnaps via Flikr

If you thought Netflix latest drops could not get any better, the premier streaming service is giving you another binge worthy series. One for classic music lovers, the service has unveiled its first teaser trailer to “ReMastered”.

A short snippet in what is to come, the series will delve into the lives and details of some of the most memorable artists as they rose to fame. Including the likes of Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke, it is expected that additional artists such as Jam Master Jay and Robert Johnson will also be featured

Across eight monthly episodes, award-winning directors and producers including Barbara Kopple, Sara Dosa, Stuart Sender, B.J. Perlmutt, Kelly Duane de la Vega, Sam Cullman, Brian Oakes and Kief Davidson, will include contributions and direction in the upcoming docuseries.

According to Netflix, the first episode will stream from October 12, so pencil in some “me time”. Check out the trailer below for an insight into ReMastered.