Credit: Instagram @offesetyrn

Last month while Offset was shopping at a Target store in Sandy Springs, a fan whipped out his phone to record the rapper. According to a report from TMZ, 18-year-old Junior Gibbons, a fan, was approached by the Migos artist and told “get that f**kin phone out of my face”, before his phone was allegedly smacked out of his hand. Smashing the device that is valued at $800, the teen is reportedly pressing charges.

After Georgia police issued an arrest warrant for Offset, he quickly took to Twitter to vent. “HARDEST THING I EVER DONE WAS BEING A BLACK MEN (TARGET) AND A RAPPER (TARGET) s–t is crazy !!!” the Migos rapper posted on Thursday. However, it was quickly taken down minutes after it was published.

PageSix has reported that the 27-year-old is facing charges of criminal damage of property in the second degree – a serious felony in the United States.

“At this time, we’ve been in contact with his attorney and we’re making arrangements for him to turn himself in,” said Sargent Sam Worsham. “At this time, he has not turned himself in. The warrant is still active.”

This is not the first time Offset has been in trouble with the law. After a July 2018 pullover for an illegal lane change, Offset was also found to be in possession of firearms. That is also considered a serious felony as he was previously convicted and faced up to $100,000 USD in fines and 12 years in prison. Before that, he spent time in prison following narcotic possession, theft and burglary.

Only time will tell as to what the outcome will be. Stay tuned.