Oliver Valverde

Oliver & Co, the innovative perfumery, has recently announced the decision to pull out of selling through third-party companies, completely restructuring the business.

From 2011 to 2017, Oliver & Co was stocked in over 80 retailers, world wide. And contrary to conventional practices, the brand will only sell from the online store and the flagship store, based in Madrid.

The company was founded by Oliver Valverde in 2009. Without expertise or education in the field, and only a passion to create original scents, he grew to produce ground-breaking and innovative products. The decision was made after the company wished to create a more personal connection with the customer.

“The changes are designed to revolutionise the entire fragrance process. To allow a more direct and personal relationship with customers. To allow fairer and lower pricing. Honesty. To further, creative freedom that will lead to even more explorative fragrances. This may not be the ‘norm’, but we never created Oliver & Co to play by the rules!”

Oliver & Co Flagship store, Madrid