The Madalorian
Credit: LucasFilm

Last week, Disney Plus dropped the second season finale of The Mandalorian. Don’t worry, we won’t share spoilers but it was huge. Now, Star Wars fanatics can purchase the toy replica of the ancient Darksaber.

Making a main feature in the season finale, the darksaber an ancient black-energy blade weapon lined with a white-edged glow. It is symbolic of leadership to the Mandalorian. It arrives complete with power-up and power-down sounds as well as motion sensor-controlled idle hums and audio mean to mimic in-battle contact.

The toy replica is also finished off with matte-black grip and white LED edges to reveal a similar weapon design to the franchise said to be the first time this has been employed on a Star Wars Force FX Elite Lightsaber. It is also accompanied by a barrel plug, hex key tool, stand, rechargeable Li-ion battery and a USB charging cord.

The saber will set you back at least $250 USD or $463 AUD from Zavvi. Get in quick, we expect this will sell out. And if you’re looking for more Star Wars inspired merch, may we suggest exploring here.