In the sort of too soon/worst possible take that only the Internet can manifest, fans of The Avengers star Jeremy Renner are calling for him to play Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a film.

The former comedian turned statesman Zelenskyy has become a hero figure in the media after he refused assistance to leave and get to safer ground, choosing instead to stay and fight alongside fellow Ukrainian citizens.

Yes, its very heroic, and yes it seems very adaptable to the kind of Hollywood-budget films that would draw in an audience. But, come on. Fan of the actor or not,  your timing sucks. It’s also deplorably short sighted when you consider the loss of lives and livelihoods of Ukrainian residents to immediately equate their suffering with movie buzz.

The Ukrainian crisis -although crisis is very much an understatement, and Russian invasion and act of war against a neighbouring country is a more apt description – is still very much underway. This morning, news outlets have been reporting heavy airstrikes hitting the capital of Kyiv. And while yesterday, the Ukraine’s second largest city of Kharkiv claimed a victory against invading Russian forces, the fight is far from over.

According to reports, already there have been over 600 deaths in just under a week’s worth of fighting. Civilians have also suffered in the crossfire while thousands have fled their homes and homeland seeking safety in nearby countries.

Footage from inside Ukraine has shown those who are unable to leave have been hiding in underground train stations or building bunkers under their home to try and survive what’s to come.

Even with witnessing all of this, that idea that the first thought of some is to immediately think how their favourite actor is perfect for a certain role to replay what’s happening is…chilling.

Do us a favour and log off.