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The now-73 year-old has appeared in a slew of blockbusters over his long-spanning career, but when you mention Sylvester Stallone, it is the ‘Rambo’ franchise that first comes to mind. While the actor had already found fame with Rocky, his ability to defy all odds with Rambo – First Blood was unprecedented. The film was a bold move in 1982, and while it did find a group of die-hard fans, it almost didn’t get released.

According to ScreenRant, the star appeared at a press conference for the forthcoming Rambo – Last Blood, looking back at the very first instalment.

“…When the film was finally done, the film that you saw, nobody wanted it. We could not get a distributor, period. Zero. My God, “Maybe they were right.” And they said, “Sly, this our last chance. We’re going to cut 20 minutes together,” which I’ve never seen, “And you’re going to go out there in front of a room full of strangers.” Like, the bottom of the barrel, the last attempt. “People from Poland and Russia, any distributor, and just try to get someone to take this movie.”

So, I went out there. “Hurry, hurry, hurry. Welcome. Hello, folks. You’re about to see 20 of the greatest minutes” – I haven’t seen one second of it. Biggest bunch of crap ever. Talk about blind faith. I haven’t seen it; I just know we’re all broke. Anyway, it went up, and my jaw dropped. Like, “Oh my god, this movie works. It really works.” And that was the beginning. But literally, it had such a horrible start. Which is the story of my life. Everything that’s bad turns out good. Everything that’s good is a horror.”

It’s an interesting fact that without the first, the 37-year history would not have existed. So when the fifth film hit cinemas overnight, fans were expectedly excited to get a first reaction. But according to early reviews and a 37 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, maybe it was the last film that shouldn’t have been released.

It is harsh testament – The Guardian gave the film an abysmal one star, using words like “laughable” and “cringeworthy”, whilst Variety said that the franchise has “long since run its course.”

The Goldfinch was another film to spark disappointing reviews this week. Has the trend of nostalgic sequels, remakes and adaptions finally hit a dead-end? If you’re asking us, we’re keen to see some original storylines.