Artist: Eric Haze for Rise Exhibition

As Australia’s bushfire season progresses into 2020, heavy rain and unrelenting efforts from firefighters have seen the containment of hundreds of blazes in the last month. However, the worst bushfire season in history has left devastation across the country as people forge on, but never forget the destruction of the last four months. While the sky has cleared over much of the country and ash ceases to fall in cities, the fight has continued in other ways as communities continue to raise funds for those who need it most. Now, over 100 local and international artists have come together for the ‘Rise Exhibition’.

Using charcoal gathered from fire grounds in New South Wales, Luca Ionescu, Anna Hunt and Matty Burton of Refill Magazine have reached out to artists to conceive pieces using the medium. Teased on Instagram, the forthcoming exhibition reveals charcoal drawings, multimedia paintings and word statements. Featuring the likes of Shepard Fairey, Jean Jullien, Scott Campbell, Ralph Steadman, Sara Meadows, ESPO, GROTESK, Georgia Hill, Krink and more, all proceeds from the works sold will be donated to a number of charities working to rebuild Australian communities and assist badly affected wildlife.

“We reached out to our community and told them the idea; create art using charcoal from the bush fires as the medium. We had more artists put their hands up to help than we had wall space. A huge thank you to each and every one of the artists who have hit this challenge with such inspiring creativity and craft that every time we receive a piece, we get more and more excited,” the organisers revealed via a statement.

The exhibition will coincide with two events including an online silent auction from March 11 to 20 with an opening fundraising night on March 12 at Carriageworks, Eveleigh.

For more information, visit the Rise Exhibition website here.

245 Wilson St
Eveleigh NSW 2015