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It is said that a man is first judged by the shoes he is wearing and if that is the case, your watch would follow. The world of timepieces is vast and confusing and with the watch being one of the most used and prized possessions for many men, the very purchase – particularly in the luxury field – is an important one. Whether you’re a collector or first-time rookie, it pays to do your research, because what the business man looks for in time keeping will be far different to that of an athlete.

What to look for in a timepiece:

The different characteristics of watches can vary dramatically so if you already know your needs, you’re halfway there. Before diving headfirst into the realm of watches – be that on google or in-store – ask yourself what you need from the watch, how often it will be worn and if you’re prepared for the upkeep that comes from a luxury watch. Then consider:

  • BRAND – The brand pool is endless so we suggest picking a handful of brands that you know and start from there. Larger, more well-known brands tend to have a good reputation for customer service and aftercare.
  • TECHNOLOGY – In a new age of smart watches it is best then to ask whether you’d like the bells and whistle’s of a smart watches, or if the classic analog/digital style is more suited. Then you can ask yourself whether you’d like the additional features of a bezel or built-in compass.
  • Construction and material – Indeed, not all luxury watches are made equal. Certain steel or precious metal bands may not stay in top condition if it finds its way against a concrete wall. Leather looks great in avoidance of water and sometimes the rubber band is your safest bet.

Best new luxury watches:

The everyday minimalist

A new limited-edition model for Calvin Klein, the brand has fused traditional engineering and modern design for subtle sophistication. Created with a black leather band, water resistance and simple face, its style (and price) makes for an attractive first-time luxury watch.

Calvin Klein ‘Swing’ Watch / $859 AUD SHOP NOW

The high-tech hybrid

As part of the FW/18 range, Emporio Armani released an entire line of new smartwatches – coined “Emporio Armani Connected“. Combining its dynamic Italian style with today’s technology, you can now seamlessly sync your phone with your watch to stay in contact all day – a stylish upgrade for day and night wear.

Emporio Armani Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch in Black / $649 AUD SHOP NOW 

The classic go-to

The reason you’ve seen this style on every Tom, Dick and Harry is because its timeless. A best-seller for a reason, TAG Heuer offer the Formula 1 as the perfect entry-level model into the realm of luxury watches. Known for its quality sports watches, the model is the perfect balance between looks and technology.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men’s Watch / $1,700 AUD SHOP IN-STORE

The elite athlete

The start of a range of exciting releases for the Swiss company, Ulysse Nardin have launched its new Diver Chronometer. A watchmaker for the oceans, the team have developed a luxury sport watch that can withstand up to 300 metres of potentially deadly water pressure. Not only does it boast excellent innovation, the Diver Chronometer has a sophisticated shell for everyday wear.

Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronometer in ‘Monaco’ / Approx $17,051 AUD SHOP IN-STORE

The God-father

And for those with cash to burn (or invest) in the luxury watch of all watches, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is the latest in high-end style. Redefining the iconic model, the timepiece displays exemplary craftsmanship encased in an 18-carat pink gold face.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grande Complication / SHOP IN-STORE