Australian brand Song For The Mute has dropped what might be the most flawless collaboration we have seen in a long time, partnering with footwear giant adidas to create a clothing capsule and accompanying sneaker that I’d sell both my arms for.

Song For The Mute x adidas SFTM-001 Shadowturf

Dubbed “SFTM-001”, this sneaker of my dreams is a riff on the iconic retro-inspired Shadowturf silhouette from the adidas Originals line. While it looks, from the outset, much like your traditional Shadowturf a more finessed inspection reveals the subtle additions that mark the SFTM elements woven through it.

For starters, there’s the brand’s signature seven dots decorating the heel, a hand-written SFTM-001 along a suede side panel and atypical stitching across the top of the foot. It’s these kinds of below-the-radar details that are the DNA of Song For The Mute since it first launched back in 2010.

Song For The Mute x adidas.

Even as it has moved away from its earlier tailoring-focused into something more urban and relaxed, founders Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty have taken a soft touch approach to their creations where how you feel in something is more important than overt logos splashed across the back of it.

The adidas collab capsule is an extension of Song For The Mute’s Fall Winter 22.2 collection, Les Olympiades, and takes for its inspiration the Parisian district of Les Olympiades – an urban housing district that was built through the late ’60s and early ’70s. The region holds a special meaning for Ty, who spent her early childhood living there and this collab is a nod to the sense of community that was experienced then.

Song For The Mute x adidas.

It also gives the Song For The Mute perhaps its most logo-centric take on streetwear. Snap tracksuits, oversized zip shirts and tees bearing the adidas leaf with the brand’s name in a handwritten font beneath.

The collection will be available on the Song For The Mute website from September 23.