Time might be relative, but horologer Roger Dubuis is determined to make it move even faster with their Excalibur Spider Pirelli, the latest in their exclusive collaboration with Italian motorsport tyre maker Pirelli.

Despite the difference in their size, watches and cars sit on the same axis of precision and technological ingenuity. Dubuis’ collaboration with Pirelli has pushed this comparison even further, taking their iconic Excalibur into the adrenalin-fuelled pits where the action happens.

Roger Dubuis, Pirelli
Roger Dubuis Releases New Excalibur Spider Pirelli. Image: Roger Dubuis.

As the signature timepiece for the Swiss watchmaker, the Excalibur already packs a helluva lot of grunt with a 45mm case. The Spider Pirelli edition turns this into a turbo version

To capture the lightweight speed of the racing track, the Pirelli is made with DLC Titanium, which is both lighter and more luxurious than stainless steel. 

In a design first, the Swiss watchmaker has made an Excalibur that is completely customisable, letting the wearer swap the strap, bezel and crown in seconds.

While the base kit for the watch is timeless black, three additional kits in red, white and blue are available to customise. For those who might not be familiar with the codes, these are the same colours associated with the Pirelli brand tyres used in F1.

Mirroring the quick-change of the tires done by the Pirelli team for their drivers, the Excalibur Spider Pirelli features a quick release system, specifically engineered with precision alignment that makes for a sharp, satisfying click to let you know when all your elements are locked into place.

Roger Dubuis Releases New Excalibur Spider Pirelli. Image: Roger Dubuis.

The interchangeable straps feature rubber inlays from certified race winning Pirelli tyres.

Sitting underneath the hood is an RD820SQ 4Hz skeleton automatic movement that features a micro rotor and 60-hour power reserve.

For those keen on a closer look, the timing of the watch’s arrival couldn’t be better with the first Roger Dubuis boutique opening up on the luxe destination Castlereagh Street in early December.

“The growing interest Roger Dubuis is experiencing in the region called for a more institutional presence. As we love to “experience” our Brand with our friends, we believe that a presence in Sydney will give us the opportunity to fully enjoy the amazing world of Roger Dubuis with our clients”, says Nicola Andretta, CEO of Roger Dubuis.

In 2019, Max Verstappen’s pit crew changed all four tires in 1.82 seconds at the Brazilian Grand Prix, setting a new world record.

Something to think about when you’re customising your own Excalibur Spider Pirelli watch.