Calling all Star Wars fans: if you’re planning a trip to California then book a plane ticket for Summer 2019. Despite the 300 and something days you will have to count down, Disney has announced the debut of an immersive theme park in just over a years time.

Since the first look we were given last March, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be an expansion of Disney Land and Disney World and rather than just a themed area, it is expected to be a fully immersive world. Expanding over 14 acres, the huge space will draw most of its inspiration from the remote planet of Batuu, found in the Star Wars franchise.

According to Disney, visitors to the park will have the option to follow the Resistance or First Order which will feature interaction with different characters. There will be no Disney employees but characters from the film and shops will not be found in the themed world. The whole park will be designed to take its visitors through an interactive adventure encompassing the rides and characters within the area. For example one of the major attractions allows guests to ride along Hans Solo in his starship as well as placing guests in the middle of a war.

Last year, Disney Imagineer Scott Trowbridge mentioned the plans to attract “the smugglers, the bounty hunters, the rogue adventurers looking to crew up, the people who don’t want to be found ― basically all the interesting people.”

In addition to the park, a Star Wars themed hotel and dining is set to be built on the site. If you want a closer look of what is to come, press play.