Stoos Funicular
Step inside a cylindrical shaped-cabin and climb a dramatic white face, reaching gradients as steep as 110% (47.7º), all the while your futuristic pod pivoting to keep you completely upright. You’d swear it was built by Delos Destinations.
The Stoos Funicular, connecting a distance of 1,740m between the Swiss municipalities of Schwyz and Stoos, is the new world record holder for the steepest funicular.
It was an intense project that required more than 14 years of design and construction and €44.6m in costs, with designers analysing 15 different options before confirming the right route and technology to make it happen. There are now two lines running up and down the mountain, each with four barrels that can accommodate up to 34 passengers.
Stoos is a tiny village in the Swiss Alps with only 150 inhabitants. It has no direct access for vehicles, so if you’re lucky enough to visit this holiday paradise the funicular is your only way in.