If you’re fond of a whisky with a price tag that’s as eye watering as the taste is mouthwatering, a limited edition 60-year-old single malt from The Glen Grant Distillery that costs close to $40K has your name on it.

Whisky, single malt
The Glen GrantDennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition. Image: Supplied

Technically it bears the name of one of The Glen Grant’s own Dennis Malcolm, Scotland’s longest serving distiller, with the honourable title of the Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition in homage to Malcolm’s six-decade long career at Glen Grant. 

This rare drop was casked in a single ex-Oloroso sherry oak cask back on October 24 in 1960. According to The Glen Grant team, this makes the Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition the oldest, to date, distillery bottling in the brand’s 181-year history. 

The flavour is as rich and varied as Malcolm’s life, with a beautiful chestnut hue to the liquid.

First whiff and you’re hit with notes of Seville oranges that slowly unfolds to rich fruits and nuts: apricots, peaches, raisins, pecan nuts and even a hint of cigar smoke.

Whisky, single malt
The man himself, Dennis Malcolm holds a glass of his namesake whisky. Image: Supplied

The flavour profile follows a similar labyrinth of experience – fruity in taste with a beautiful balance of dark chocolate layered with treacle toffee, the taste has elements of a liquid fruit cake, finished with long, lingering flavours of figs, dates, liquorice, and a slight hint of smoke.

The Speyside distillery has gone to extreme efforts to make sure the packaging matches the specialness of the whisky that it holds.

Each of the bottles is marked with a bespoke number, every one of the decanters have been made from hand-blown crystal glass, designed by world-renowned Glencairn Crystal Studio based on the design of the distillery’s unique tall slender pot stills.

Resting inside a handsome presentation case crafted from sustainable walnut wood that took over 15 hours to carve and create, capturing the details that symbolise the unique aromas of The Glen Grant. Each presentation case has the Master Distiller’s signature engraved in it and includes a Certificate of Authenticity, signed personally by Dennis Malcolm. 

With only three decants available in Australia (and one in New Zealand), the term rare is an understatement. But with an official price tag of $38,950 there’s a good chance you might not miss out. If you’ve got that kind of cash lying around, of course. Maybe not get the second yacht this week.

The Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition by Glen Grant will be available at select Dan Murphy’s stores from October 31.