Red Bull Music Presents Sissy Ball at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia on February 23, 2019

During the month of February every year, the city of Sydney and its surroundings is dowsed in colour for the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, events light up the city for a month-long party and leading up to the highly anticipated parade, it was the Sissy Ball that returned over the weekend providing a night of expressive freedom.

Forged by queer and trans people of the area, these groups grew to create a platform where they compete and showcase their avant garde looks and fierce skills of ‘voguing’, a highly stylised dance from the 1980’s underground culture.

Bringing out the likes of US vogue icon Leiomy Maldonado as head judge along with commentators Dashaun Wesley and Precious, Sissy also saw House of Slé mother, Bhenji Ra curating the ball once again. Making its way to Carriageworks, the competition was hot and the air electrified as the community came together.

See all the highlights below.