At the beginning of 2020, before the madness of COVID-19 ensued, Sydney-based independent fashion designer Jeremy Hershan decided to take a risk by starting his own luxury fashion label, Haulier. He left a prestigious role as creative director of Australian label R.M. Williams to fill a niche here in Australia for luxury, timeless goods that are consciously sourced and mindfully crafted.

Two years on, the Haulier brand is thriving. Initially launching with the signature Utility Tote accessory – an enduring tote bag you’ve probably seen carried by vacationists and fashionistas alike – the brand is now branching off into clothing, and its 2023 Resort Wear capsule collection is one to keep your eye on.

Heavily rooted in Hershan’s sartorial vision, Haulier’s Resort 23 collection continues the theme of designing a wardrobe of enduring goods. Seamlessly fusing elements of sportswear, military, denim and tailoring, the result is a transeasonal capsule of timeless pieces that will see you through the summer season and beyond.

“I like the idea of not caring too much about how you throw clothes together, because they all work,” says Hershan.

“Much like the tote bags from the brand’s debut collection in 2020, Haulier’s new line of clothing is rooted in utility, it’s unisex and it demonstrates the brand’s enduring goods philosophy and appreciation of traditional manufacturing techniques.”

Elevated through the lens of luxury craftsmanship, Hershan and his Haulier are slowly but surely crafting an all-encompassing wardrobe for both men and women; one that anyone can use, with his idea of layering everyday pieces the key to nailing any look.

The resort collection 2023 is the perfect example. You’ll find tailored goods appropriate for the spring, summer and autumn seasons, like branded t-shirts, denim jeans and denim jackets, camp-collar beach shirts, and bold suiting, all accentuated in the Haulier luxury-utilitarian style.

“For example, a tailored blazer looks equally as good with a mesh Motocross T-shirt as it does with a dress shirt,” explains Hershan.

“I really like the results of when you fuse these influences of the wardrobe together with this transcendental feeling of travel and wandering. You might start your day on the beach, then layer on a shirt and a jacket too. And all of a sudden, it’s the evening and you have this natural fusion of styles going on.”

Hershan represents a new-wave designer operating with an old-fashioned approach: find the best way to make things, with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship to make a product that really lasts. He pays great attention to the fabrication of his collection – he either develops fabrications from scratch as exclusive applications to the brand or goes to great lengths to source the finest materials.  Indeed, Haulier’s Resort ’23 collection is the epitome of this approach.

“Once you know all the rules, you have the authority to break them and I think it’s nice to be less strict in the way people interpret dress codes,” adds Hershan.

“It’s very much part of the Australian outlook and DNA to disregard style traditions and naturally just be informed by the environment, which I love.”

The Haulier Resort 2023 collection will be available December, 2022. Haulier will also open its first bricks-and-mortar store in Sydney next month.