TikTok is literally jam-packed with mundane ‘day in the life’ content, but this one shared by Cardi B has got to be our favourite yet.

Cardi B Morning Routine
Image credit: Instagram, @iamcardib

The musician captioned the video as, ‘a regular day as Belcalis and not Cardi B’ (her actual name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus), and oscillates between regular parent stuff, and celebrity-isms. It’s hilarious and iconic and surprisingly a little relatable. Here’s a breakdown:

Cardi’s day starts the way most days do: a quick phone check. She then moves onto the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower before her kids Kulture Kiari and Wave Set wake up. They then dress in her larger-than-life wardrobe, head downstairs for playtime (cute) and Cardi makes fried chicken for lunch, all by herself. The singer notes that usually she has someone ‘do lunch’ for her, but her staff are on spring break so all duties fall on her shoulders.

Post lunch its time for a three hour gym session, where she rotates between strength training to stave off visceral fat (a type of fat she explains can’t be liposuction-ed away) and stretching so she can be as flexible as she was when she was a stripper (but, as Cardi notes, Rome wasn’t built in a day!).

Next up is a (very relatable) trip to Target for massage guns, toys and other bits before a humble dinner of takeaway pizza. Celebrities… they’re just like us.



Hey yall …..A glimse of a regular day as BELCALIS and not CARDI B!!

♬ original sound – Cardi B

Post dinner when her babies are in bed, she heads to the studio, pours herself a drink and presumably works on her music. The wholesome video content paired with her smooth-as-butter voice make for incredibly meditative viewing – here’s hoping Cardi blesses us with more TikToks moving forward.