Let’s talk about hair loss. A lot of men tend to avoid the conversation about going bald at all costs. Why? Well, for starters, it can be an incredibly touchy topic. But when you consider that male pattern baldness will affect up to one in every two men over the age of 40, it’s really not something you should – or have to – endure alone.

And while there’s still no miracle elixir to reverse hair loss and regain those luscious locks of your youth, there is in fact a multitude of hair loss-targeted products, vitamins and aids that can not only assist with maintaining thicker and fuller hair, but in some cases, can potentially stop further hair loss from occurring.

As someone who has just reached his 30s and is seeing the beginnings of casual hairline thinning and recession, I’ve been on a mission to find alternatives to the abrasive nature of hair transplants, oral and topical medication and over-the-counter treatments that come with a range of nasty side effects.

Here is a list of targeted hair-loss treatments aimed to support healthier, fuller hair growth, maintain the hair you have and support overall well-being.


Patrick Kidd of ‘Patricks‘ has been on a crusade for over a decade to formulate the best luxury hair products for men. The former electrician turned men’s grooming entrepreneur has slowly but surely built a grooming brand that is globally recognised and one that has a specific focus on targeting hair loss.

Kidd and his team have spent years formulating Patricks Recovery Compound (PRC), which combines both plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy to directly address hair loss and hair growth. PRC can be found in the complete selection of Patricks hair products – like the award-winning M2 styling product which is one of the best matte-finish hair products we’ve used – but we’re seriously loving the new Recovery and Defence Spray (RD1), which is an advanced hair treatment scientifically formulated to block the formation of DHT. It also will help improve hair anchoring and add nutrition to the hair and scalp, significantly reducing hair loss while maximising hair growth.

Vida Glow

Vida Glow is one of the best natural marine collagen powder formulations clinically proven to assist with skin, hair & nail health. Now, Vida Glow has released an all-new men’s collagen product dedicated to targeting hair loss.

The new Men’s Hair Defence + Collagen  is a daily ingestible powder set to promote fuller, thicker hair, reduce hair loss and thinning, maintain healthy hair thickness and strengthen hair follicles. It also promotes firmer, younger-looking skin.

Zinc, biotin and saw palmetto promote healthy dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone levels, reduce hair loss and thinning, maintain healthy hair thickness and strengthen hair follicles. While Hydrolysed marine collagen works internally to strengthen skin structure, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase hydration.

The new Men’s Hair Defence + Collagen is incredibly easy to take; just empty one sachet into a glass of water each morning. Having taken this product each morning for the last two weeks, I can comfortably say that my general skin completion has already improved. As for hair growth and overall hair density, I have no doubt this product will assist but I would say time is needed to see results.


Founded in Sydney, Aéde is a wellness brand offering bespoke, Australian-made supplements to improve hair, skin and nail health. While the founders of Aéde were in agreement that topical products work well to assist hair health, real, sustainable change needs to begin from within.

A journey that took two years of intensive research and development, Aéde’s first supplement Hair Activist was born; a pure and active formulation specifically designed to assist with hair, skin and nail health.

Most recently, Aéde were able to launch a dedicated product specifically formulated to target hair loss. After taking Power Activist for close to one year, I can safely say that the product actually does promote thicker, healthier hair. This all-natural, vegan supplement is designed to improve hair health, growth and thickness, targeting multiple factors that contribute to hair loss, like stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

The Ordinary

This inexpensive, easy-application hair serum from The Ordinary actually does what it says on the label: promotes hair density. After using the Multi-Peptide Serum for a few months straight, I definitely noticed a difference in hair density, in particular at the front of my hairline.

This concentrated serum is formulated to support hair health so your hair looks thicker, denser and fuller.

Mosh / Pilot

These two direct-to-consumer online men’s clinics treat hair loss (plus other problems comment to men) simply and discreetly through the use of either Minoxidil or Finasteride or both.

Minoxidil is a commonly prescribed medication used to treat pattern hair loss and is the main component of Rogaine’s formulation, for example. While proven to be effective in treating male pattern hair loss – it is also the mainstay treatment for androgenetic alopecia – despite its widespread application over the years, its efficacy is not fully understood or quantified. Essentially, it goes off a case by case basis; some men find it works, some don’t. Some side effects of taking Minoxidil include itchiness and flakiness of the scalp, hair growth on other parts of the body and general irritation.

Finasteride, on the other hand, is a stronger medication that doctors are now prescribing to men, in conjunction with Minoxidil, to target hair loss. Finasteride is probably the best available medication to treat androgenetic alopecia and pattern hair loss, addressing the root of the problem.

Both Mosh and Pilot promote a discrete, easy web-to-door service that utilises real professional doctors to prescribe you these medications online. Naturally, it’s been a hit for those who aren’t comfortable talking to their GP in person about any associated hair loss.

The downside is that each case of hair loss is different, and while Fin and Min are scientifically proven to achieve great results, it’s always best to discuss with your GP in person first.

For any serious concerns about hair loss, it’s recommended to discuss with your doctor first.