Hermès Le temps voyageur. Image: Hermès

Earlier this year, Hermès launched one of the most imaginative takes on world time when they dropped their iconic Arceau le temps voyageur and it’s almost impossible modular and mechanism. Now, the journey continues with a new iteration of the brilliant timepiece. We’re not saying it’s just in time for Christmas, but the it’s definitely serendipitous…

Joining the original black and navy styles is a new, rather dazzling, white dial. Said dazzle being provided by the stunning 78 diamonds in delicately embedded in the bezel. The infamous floating dial, inspired by the Planisphère d’un monde équestre motif designed for Hermès by Jérôme Colliard, is made from polished rhodium and moves across the surface of a mother-of-pearl mobile counter.

Hidden beneath the iconic floating dial is a 122-component module.

The imaginary continents and meridians of the interior world of the Arceau le temps voyageur stand out like frozen quicksilver. Each one of these far-off places is named for a term from the world of horses, linking the Hermès past as a saddle-maker to the brand’s current incarnation today.

Perhaps the most stunning element of the Hermès Arceau le temps voyageur is what goes on beneath the surface. Inside the engine room, a 122-component seamlessly drives the functionality of the watch, integrated into a self-winding H1837 movement that comes with a 40-hour power reserve.

A spectacular feat of engineering this complex component was created using an incline, with module crafted from a series of inclined wheels, that saved 0.3 to 0.4mm in thickness.

The Arceau le temps voyageur. Image: Hermès

The dial, in comparison to the first releases, is a touch smaller reaching a neat 38mm. Two options for bands – one calfskin, one alligator – are available in the same matching pearl grey finish. For those who prefer their timepieces with a softer focus, this latest release of the Hermès Arceau le temps voyageur retains a sublime unisex aesthetic.

For availability and pricing on the new Hermès Le temps voyageur, head to the Maison’s website here.