Infiniti, Ford, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus: here is our selection of the most beautiful four-wheeled products seen at the American show

As always, the world of four-wheel vehicles kicks off the new year with the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), better known as the Detroit Motor Show. The event presents many important new cars, including prototypes and final creations that debut to the public before being launched on the market.

Among the many offerings, we wanted to make a small selection of those that, in our opinion, appear to be the most interesting. The choice fell on two fascinating design concepts and three vehicles that are ready for sale. With these cars there will undoubtedly be a lot of talkability over the coming months.

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

This is a very interesting prototype of a new generation large sedan. Slender and sculpted in a balanced way, with a coupe appeal, its strength comes mostly from its original design . But it also has a lot of technology. The Q Inspiration is equipped with the new Infiniti autonomous driving system, called ProPilot, which allows the driver to choose whether to drive the vehicle in the traditional way or rely on the automatic level 4 control (therefore, it is high automation). The engine is an unprecedented VC-Turbo petrol – the first engine in the world to vary the stroke of the pistons by changing the compression ratio. Translated, this means that the engine can change its operation based on the driver’s intent, favouring performance or efficiency.

Ford Mustang Bullitt

In 1968, a Ford Mustang GT Fastback entered the history of cinema in a famous chase through the streets of San Francisco. The movie was Bullitt, with Steve McQueen driving the fireball. Fifty years later, Ford presents an exclusive model that takes its name from that film, in homage to the star and the history of the brand, which has become iconic thanks to the cinemagraphic imagination. The new Mustang Bullitt, which was presented by Molly McQueen (granddaughter of the actor), is based on the GT Premium. It has a 5-litre V8 engine and 475 horsepower and manual gearbox (as per tradition) and an active exhaust, which reproduces the same sound as the Fastback of the 1960s. It is already a collector’s car .


Elegant and sporty at the same time, the X2 promises to make a significant impact on the market. It can already be ordered at a base price of 70,805 dollars. On paper, the X2 presents itself as an excellent example of the state of the art (well kept and sober) of BMW technology. At the moment, there are two 2-litre diesel engines and four twin-cylinder engines (190 and 231 horsepower). To follow in the coming months are the 2-liter and 228-horsepower petrol and sport versions, M Sport and M Sport X.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The return of a legend in the off-road category, the new G-Class features a design that is very faithful to tradition (the right choice), but with a deep update in terms of technology, safety, connection and technical solutions. The dimensions have increased: it is wider and longer, yet it weighs 170 kilos less than the previous versions, thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminum. The launch version (Class G 500) is equipped with a 4-horsepower 4-litre petrol engine with 422 horsepower. The list starts at 171,791 dollars.

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept

Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota, demonstrates with this prototype the direction that it intends to follow for its future models. The keywords seem to be elegance, technology and eco-sustainability. The LF-1 is a generously sized crossover: 5 metres in length, 1.99 in width and 1.61 in height. But the volume and lines give the appearance of an agile and lightweight hatchback. It is designed to accommodate green engines: electric with fuel cell, hybrid and plug-in hybrid batteries. Inside, there is a lot of space, with four single seats surrounded by a sea of ​​technology. The most obvious examples are the large digital displays that control all the options. The LF-1 also has a self-drive system, called Chauffeur.