Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67. Image: Ralph Lauren

American brand Ralph Lauren knows how to make an instant classic, and their latest timepiece – the Polo Vintage 67 – is ticking all the boxes we could want from the fashion house.

Arriving this month, the Polo Vintage 67 is a work of history on your wrist, looking to the design aesthetics of the 1920s and ’30s for inspiration but worked with an attuned contemporary sensibility. A watch that looks vintage and brand new at the same time? Probably as close to an act of time travel as we’ll get in this day and age.

A timeless piece of machinery. Image: Ralph Lauren.

That vintage aesthetic is achieved through a collection of stunningly curated details: 40mm stainless steel case has given an aged effect, like a modern relic or heirloom, that contrasts cleanly with an opaline silver dial. Black lacquer numerals recall the Art Deco influence that dominated the ’20s and ’30s. If it had been around during Fitzgerald’s time, he would have had Gatsby wearing one of these.

The Polo Vintage 67 comes with four interchangeable leather leather strap options, two styles and either black or a handsome burnished brown calfskin, that add to the charm of a watch that carries both the elegance of yesteryear yet current for today’s demands for style.

Flip the watch around and you’ll be greeted with a delightful view of the engine room behind sapphire glass – a robust, hand-wound movement made with La Joux-Perret (LJP 7380).

The Polo Vintage 67. Image: Ralph Lauren

The arrival of the Polo Vintage 67 timepiece comes after the brand’s brilliant Americana-inspired Spring Ready-To-Wear collection shown last month. For the past six decades, Lauren and his team have excavated the mythology of the American Dream and explored both its origins and its contemporary settings through his clothing. Naturally, a watch – a device that tells time – would the the perfect tool to depict an American style that is timeless yet points to one of the most inspiring periods of the nation’s history at the same time.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Vintage 67 will be available from November 15.