George Gorrow and wife Cisco. Credit: Supplied

Bali is known for its beautiful resorts, cultural lifestyle and its home to countless Australian entrepreneurs – including George Gorrow and his wife Cisco. Situated in the heart of Canguu, Bali stands the brain-child of the duo, “The Slow”, and like the culture that now surrounds the tropical village, it has become the perfect example of balance between design, fashion and food.

Now alongside partner Gareth Moody, the team have added a fashion sector to their business ventures “Non-Type”, a coming-of-age label designed to be worn by all, combining their relaxed aesthetic with quality tailoring and construction. ICON sat down with The Slow to explore the latest collection and what is to come from the beach-side creatives.

After stepping inside the “Non-Type” showroom after a little tour through The Slow’s restaurant, rooftop and admiring the art, everything appears to be connected with so much harmony. What was the idea behind it all and what’s the connection between The Slow and Non-Type?

“It was always hoped that The Slow would be a melting pot of everything my wife, Cisco and I love; music, art, food, design, and fashion. Gareth [Moody] and I had been hoping to collaborate on a new project for some time, and creating a retail space within The Slow was the perfect opportunity. By having so many passion points under the umbrella of The Slow I’ve reduced my chances of losing interest in any one of them. I’m constantly switching my energy between art shows in Room 13, Non-Type, and the rooms, which keeps my enthusiasm for them on a constant high.”

Non-Type “suggests no fixed genre you say”. I love that. Why did you want to achieve with this?

The label is a coming of age, and is designed to transcend the days when clothes are a requirement for building a sense of self. The pieces speak from a more contented space, refusing to box wearers into a certain persona or type.”

The collection looks very smooth, sexy, and relaxed lines defined by a premium feel. Can you describe the concept behind the creation of Non-Type?

“We’ve taken traditional surf and street pieces and redefined them with premium tailoring and unexpected fabrics to create a line that is simultaneously relaxed and refined.”

Bali has definitely provided a different market and clientele from Australia and Europe, especially for a premium brand. Do you find it harder to get your label appreciated and understood?

The idea was never to reach a wide audience or garner an appreciation and understanding from the masses. The market in Bali is so diverse, yet the boutiques here – particularly in menswear – aren’t very representative of that.” 

What’s on the cards for Non-Type next year?

“We have something in the works with Ron Herman Japan, to be released 2019.”

For more information on The Slow and Non-Type, visit the website here.
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