Credit: Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

Even in self-isolation, hip-hop mogul Travis Scott still doesn’t fail to boast impeccable style and in most cases, extremely expensive taste. Last week, the newly 28-year-old treated himself to a birthday present. Casually, just a $3 million black Bugatti Chiron. It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to his entire collection that includes a BAPE-branded Ferrari and warm brown Range Rover, but his next flex is just as beautiful.

Earlier in the year, Scott was spotted court-side at a Houston Rockets game wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece. It is considered an extremely rare design and caught rocking the same model alongside last week’s sick ride, we’re beginning to assume a favourite.

Unlike other Royal Oak shapes, this iteration can be identified as it features 32 baguette-cut rainbow-coloured sapphires on the bezel. In addition, the case and band boast 18 carat white gold rendered onto the design with a modern update of shimmer using Audemars Piquet’s signature Florentine technique, giving it the monicker “Frosted Gold.” The dial has been removed to reveal the mechanics underneath the surface to add further wow-factor – if it ever really needed any more. The rumoured price tag for such a timepiece is roughly $117,600 USD (or $180,283 AUD at current conversion rate) but can sell at market for up to $150,000 USD (or $229, 709 AUD).

Reminiscent to competitor Rolex and its ‘Rainbow’ Daytona, we see a gemstone colour craze finding a trending rerun in luxury timepieces and following suit is Hublot with its Big Bang collection.